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Hawaiian kingdom celebrated on what was once its holiday

Aside from Black Friday shopping and recovering from all the Thanksgiving food, the day was also spent in recognition of Hawaii’s once-independence.

On Nov. 28 in 1843, the Kingdom of Hawaii was officially recognized as an independent country. 92 more words



I can’t believe I’m on my 10th blog post! This semester seems to have flown by and now it’s got to that point in the semester where exams are around the corner and papers are now due. 1,024 more words


Falcao and Rojo ready to return for United against Hull City

As Manchester United get ready to host Hull City tomorrow, the club received good news as striker Radamel Falcao and defender Marcos Rojo could both return after recovering from injuries. 230 more words

Barclays Premier League

Community Spirit

Who is in your community? A great circle of friends? family? A team? The neighbours?

I was very lucky to have a fantastic community of wonderful people around me before I left (most of the people reading this blog form part of it!). 692 more words

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I found this interesting to read, seeing as I'm a Rwandan who lived in the UK and is now living in Japan! In my experience, the more urban you get, the more individual-orientated your culture becomes. For example, I was stunned by how "individual-orientated" people generally were in London, when I was there about 5 years ago. It felt very self-centred and cold to me. That said, I loved the sort of, freedom of expression that exists there. I felt like I could dress or behave (within the law) however I wanted there, and it would be fine. I also went to university in Canterbury - and my house was in a smaller village. There, I was amazed by how warm and friendly people were - not on the same level as in Rwanda, but still, it a world away from London. So that was the same country, but two different cultures! Japan seems quite individual-orientated to me, when I compare it Rwanda - but, again, that's probably because I'm living in the city. If I moved to a Japanese village, I'm sure my experience would be very different. Thanks for sharing this. Like I said, it was very interesting!

A Westminster Promise Is No Promise At All

Only in Ireland can we get away with saying that we might have told our Scottish neighbours so. Almost exactly one hundred years ago the whole island of Ireland secured the British… 279 more words



“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” ~ Samuel Johnson. 848 more words