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LG protesters: A bogus argument and a dreadful aftermath?

Someone who is protesting the height of the LG building in Englewood Cliffs that sits beyond the limits of the Palisades was accusing me on twitter of posting an unrealistic photo angle of a view of Saint Peter’s University from across the Hudson River in Manhattan…a set of buildings that sits within boundaries of the Palisades. 718 more words


New LG building should be built

As already approved the LG building is the best case scenario for all parties concerned and for the future of the Palisades

I just came across a video on MY9NJ.com titled…

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New York views of LG are not paramount to the destruction of land in Englewood Cliffs

Some New Yorkers are doing their best to make sure that we resident in a small pocket of northern New Jersey live behind the trees and not be able to enjoy our own great views of their wonderful State across the Hudson River. 367 more words

Englewood Cliffs

The big lie about the LG project

As I drove back to New Jersey across the Tappan Zee Bridge I noticed thousands of homes and numerous high rises that have been built all along the Palisades (all in New York I might add) and are clearly visible from the NY side of the eastern banks of the Hudson River.  442 more words

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Flood of misinformation about LG project Englewood Cliffs

I just came across a blog called Protect the Palisades…from a group  outside of New Jersey who are protesting the LG project in Englewood Cliffs. 492 more words

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The New York Times wrongfully bashes LG project in New Jersey

This post is in response to an article in The New York Times on April 9, 2014…Corporate Design: An Energizer Versus an Eyesore

One of the key points in this article states: 772 more words

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Realtors work hard to decrease the value of your home

This is the first post in what will be a long running series on how to increase the value of your home via great marketing.  It worked amazingly for me as a builder, and it will work for you… 448 more words