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The Scarlet Letter

There is certainly a big difference between how our culture responds to adultery and how the Puritans responded.  Do you think that difference represents a positive change or a negative change in culture. 9 more words

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Hot Fuzz - Essay

In the film Hot Fuzz written by Edgar Wright, the main protagonist; Police Constable Nicholas Angel, changes personally throughout the story in some major ways. He starts the story as a very formal, not very open, job obsessed character who has no friends and is the best police-man (officer) in London, with an arrest record 400 percent higher than any other officer, this makes the police he works with look bad and feel inadequate which gets him transferred to Sanford, Gloucestershire; a very peaceful village that has won village of the year many times, this annoys Angel because it would be a waste of his talents. 660 more words

English 10

English 10 Introduction

English 10 is a tough class. It is a tough class because it is imperative to include instruction on every basic skill. Tenth graders come to teachers with a wide variety of knowledge and huge gaps in that knowledge. 383 more words


Summer Reading

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Final Exam

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English 10 and Honors 11: Exam Week

Exam reviews are extra credit for both finals. Study hard and good luck! Have a nice summer :)!

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