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English 1B: Essay 4

The assignment sheet and other materials are now available for Essay 4.

English 1B

Reader Response #4

In “Social Connections,” Steven Johnson addresses Thomas Friedman’s concerns about technology making people become more distant and disconnected from social interaction. He mentions many important points in Friedman’s… 509 more words

Reading _The Things They Carried_

As you read The Things They Carried for next week, remember to use the reading strategies that we have discussed: (1) annotate, (2) visualize, (3) find five key words on a page, (4) read with a purpose (use Essay 3 assignment sheet), (5) debate the book.

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Cultural Artifacts Prompt and Examples

As promised, I’ve scanned a few example Cultural Artifact prompts to help guide you as you select your 5 personal Artifacts and to give you an idea of the type of detail I want in your description of what those objects are. 166 more words

English 1B

Tuesday Midterm Review

Class is scheduled as regular and we’ll be going over the midterm review today. See you in class!

English 1B

Life on an Navy Ship

Listen to this radio documentary about life on a U.S. Navy ship: episode 206 of This American Life

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