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A mouth hovering over a hardening nipple. The heat is stifling, fervent. The mouth inches closer, threatening to engulf my entire soul. The thin fabric of the top standing between my skin and the wet fabulous heaven burns. 1,134 more words


200 - 13

You make me feel important, I said to him. When love, he asked. Well, baby, when you brush my hair in the afternoon. And when you — when I pull it too, he pushed. 109 more words


200 - 12

When he aimed for the vodka glass that night, he took my whiskey. He drank it anyway. He was plastered beyond belief, the sort of inebriation that makes one’s eyes water and the lashes cling together for support. 162 more words


Test yourself days of the week,months of the year

Test yourself


Days of the week:

Monday, _______________, Wednesday, Thursday, __________, Saturday, ________

Months of the year:

January, _______________, March, April,______________, June, July, ______________, September, October, November,________________… 54 more words

Lesson Plan

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp tại nhà hàng, shopping

1. I’d like to pay my bill, please
Tôi muốn thanh toán hóa đơn của tôi

2. How would you like to pay?
Bạn muốn thanh toán như thế nào? 210 more words


Life - Word Collage

I came up with this kinda strange idea of making a “wordle” – how my teacher would call it – about my life.
It is a collection of words with things that are important in life, so at least for me.  216 more words


Meet Ms. Rossman

(See also Mrs. Scadden and Mr. Sanfeliz.)

Ms. Rossman is a high school English teacher at CECFC. This semester she will be teaching ENG 090, ENG 060, REA 060. 350 more words