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I feel so sad, when a drop of tear, I feel in my little heart!!! Because of I had despaired main objective. So I have no solution. 29 more words


Click me! NEW English 2 Special Assignment Due November 7th!

Imagine that you are surrounded by people who have different views than you on certain subjects.  You completely disagree with them, and you listen as they discuss their opinions on different topics.   123 more words

English 2

English 2 Independent Reading Project--December 10!

All English 2 students are expected to complete an Independent Reading Project as outlined by the attached sheet.  Directions must be followed completely!  Projects are due to Mrs. 10 more words

English 2

Writing Patterns I

An author’s writing pattern is how they organize the information they are sharing with the reader. There are many different patterns but we will only talk about three today. 406 more words

Reading Comprehension

Power Users and Retro Puppets by Anders Carlsson

* This article is written in both English and Japanese.

goto80ことAnders Carlssonが、2010年ルンド大学に提出し、2013年に一般公開された修士論文「パワー・ユーザーとレトロ・パペット――チップミュージックにおける手法と動機の批評的研究」の全訳を公開します。

I have translated completely the master thesis “Power Users and Retro Puppets – A Critical Study of the Methods and Motivations in Chipmusic” written by Anders Carlsson a.k.a. 2,847 more words


what is the reason of your existence?

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I always asking myself and my friends. What is the purpose of my life? I have no talents, unlike others. But in everyday what I can do is just do what we suppose to do and always try my best every time I do it, but mostly I could not. 226 more words


The English Scanning Skills of Bilingual and Monolingual Indonesian Students

Indonesia is one of the most unique country to do a research especially for language researchers because Indonesia provides a vast array of data due its diverse linguistic background. 747 more words