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Why Do We Have. Flapjacks For Snack?

We worked with our friend. We thought about all the reasons we have flapjacks for snack. Look at how many reasons we thought of. Why do you think we have flapjacks for snack?


Propaganda posters using pic collage

Today we created our own 25 word propaganda posters, using our checklist and a selection of persuasive words.


Operation Christmas Child.

Today we took our shoe boxes into the hall. Operation Christmas Child staff came to collect them. We have filled over 210 boxes, that is one box for every child. 26 more words


Language Nuances

I think a lot about the nuances of words these days. Someone on a forum I go to (a Japanese speaker) was asking about how to use “for crying out loud.” He linked to a Japanese dictionary where “Be quiet, for crying out loud” was translated as something like 静かにして下さい, which is basically “please be quiet.” I tried to explain that “for crying out loud” wasn’t polite…but then the question was “So it’s rude?” And I was like…um…it’s not polite, but it depends on the situation and who you’re talking too and what voice you’re using…My default in this situation is to say “I wouldn’t say it to my grandmother but I’d say it to my kid (if I had one.)” I realize that’s not a very concrete answer. 490 more words

Learning Japanese

19-NOV-2014 / 22-NOV-2014 - Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA

We spent a few days in Charleston, South Carolina. We really liked the city. It has a similar feel to New Orleans, but tidier and cleaner. 176 more words


Team Games.

Today we learned to play some new playground games with classes 5 and 3. We talked about kind words and kind hands. What new playground game have you learned this week?


Dream tunic - how to make - part II

Download the pattern here.

In this post I will write about graphic number 2. To start with graphic number 2, we have to finish on the 3rd or 6th row from the graphic number 1.  247 more words