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English 2 - Tuesday, January 27th

Book talk/Indie read.  Review of annotation from “The Rockpile.”  Watch Odyssey movie “Cyclops” and god of the wind scenes.

Assign:  Be sure you have completed the 1st three rows of your Odyssey chart.

English 2

A Declaration...

Love tears people apart.

Everyone imagines love to be full of butterflies that comprise feelings where one over sympathizes with the simple…

But that’s not how it works. 241 more words


When you’re living in a city and have no one to talk to every act becomes an infinite step in wandering across a desert, sealed and crowded by millions and billions of shadows, dancing along your mind’s catwalk of isolation. 57 more words


English 2 - Monday, January 26th

Indie read.  Monday calculations.  The Odyssey: Read text pp. 760-770 “Cyclops.”

Assign:  Complete the corresponding row on your conflict chart (or catch up if you didn’t do the first two rows over the weekend).

English 2

Preparing students for new GCSE English Language

How many English departments have had the time to scrutinize the new specifications or to think about what they really mean for our teaching, both at KS4 and, perhaps even more importantly, at KS3? 775 more words



By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

People often ask me what they should do to deal with frustrations. Well, let’s just say that if a situation seems frustrating, it is only because you interpreted it that way – it is your view of the bearings and how you would have liked the situation to unfold. 310 more words


Gadgets, oh, Gadgets! [EF#3]

I am a person who can not move away from my gadgets. I love new technology. I could spend much on gadgets rather than new fashion trend. 439 more words