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"Writing: A biography"

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Wholemeal bread Recipe.

Here is our recipe for Wholemeal bread. Have you baked bread at home?


Baking Wholemeal Bread.

Last week we used wheat grain to grind our own Wholemeal flour. Today we made Wholemeal bread. What is your favourite bread?


Past Simple and Present Perfect

In this article we are going to speak about some grammar tenses in English – Past Simple and Present Perfect. Here I have a table for you, so you can see how and when we can use these two grammar tenses. 170 more words


Part II of Without a Dictionary: Finding the Meaning of Unknown Words

In the last post, we discuss the first three clues that a person can use to finding the meaning of unknown words. In this post, we conclude our discussion by looking at the last two rules, which are… 358 more words

Reading Comprehension