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TFT (Time for Tangents) #2: "The darkness of man's heart"

Topic: Are humans innately evil? In his novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding seems to assert that the human being is, essentially, a wicked and bestial creature, kept in line precariously by a web of controls (parents, teachers, police, laws, government). 187 more words


Night Quiz

On Monday, students will have a quiz on Sections 4-5 of Night.  Today in class, we went over how to study for an English quiz. 117 more words

English 9

English 9: Korsakov’s Choices

       Korsakov’s Choices

When Sergei was young he was faced with a choice to either to join the criminal society or put his skills to better use by studding and joining the military. 32 more words

English 9

See you in Semester 2

This Grade 9 Course will start in Semester 2 (end of January 2015)

See you then!!

You can look forward to studying poetry, short stories, Romeo & Juliet and To Kill A Mockingbird!!

English 9