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Rosa Lugo Rivera: When I First Came to the United States

I left Anasco, Puerto Rico on July 1, 2010. I remember my niece made a lot of noise.  This annoyed me. I saw the ocean and birds. 74 more words


Obdulia Godinez: When I arrived in the United States

I came to the U.S on May 20 2006. Everything was new to me, everything was different. The food, the language. I didn’t understand anything. I came from Apatzingan, Mexico on the airplane.  54 more words


Just Because

Think about this sentence: I have been here since she asked me to stay.

Does it mean from the time she asked me or because she asked me? 175 more words


Adding COLOR to your speech

You speak English as a second language (ESL) and you are feeling pretty good about it.  You have a large vocabulary and you’ve mastered verbs and sentence structure and then you hear something that… 316 more words

Memorandum on pupils´notebooks

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*the student must be in the classroom with his own notebook

*A4 paper size or exercise book size

*label on cover : last name, first name / class group… 87 more words


Reading Strategies (and Activities) to Improve Reading and Develop Critical Thinking

This post is based on the teaching tip from our upcoming newsletter. Reading is a great way to develop creative and critical thinking. Here are some activity ideas to get the students thinking as they read a text. 534 more words


Evaluation criteria for English as a Second Language (revised)

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05-Notebook marking


04-Speaking / class participation-

10-Test (easy test, initial assessm.)

20-Exams (book, basics, sms)

05-Notebook marking

20-Exams (book, basics, words)

30-Progress test {ongoing examination including all stuff} 6 more words