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READING ALOUD – an IMPORTANT key to improving your English

You may remember when you were at primary school and your teacher would sit you in a circle with your reading group and listen to you read. 436 more words


Day 9: Finding the Wardrobe

Okay, I failed. Well, ish. I was going to blog everyday, but you know what? I would have really boring posts (see: the last couple of posts) and they wouldn’t have “the Caro factor” (just made that up). 883 more words

The New Age of Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment didn’t end in the 18th century. In fact it is still going on today in the 21st century, it might not be in the same revelations as back then, but the idea is similar.  293 more words


Am I the only one feeling that there's something wrong here?

We were asked to read the part of the book of Iliad where in, king Priam ransoms the dead body of Hector from Achilles. This paragraph is confusing; 7 more words

Senior Year- Week 1

Senior year, where do I begin? It’s nothing like I thought it would be, honestly. This first week went by so fast it’s leaving me breathless. 55 more words


Welcome Back, Students!

Welcome Packet Online

Classroom Expectations
·  Be open to new ideas and perspectives.

·  Treat others better than you wish to be treated.

·  Be prepared for class. 375 more words


Welcome to Ms. Lowe's Class Online!

Please excuse the debris as I get this thing going.

You can expect to find mini-lessons, vLogs, and Evening Learning Opportunities regarding all things English! Sometimes I’ll even post funny English-related pictures and extra credit opportunities. 57 more words