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A Tragedy of Education

In school, I was always a straight A student. I was gifted with an IQ that I didn’t deserve and I don’t remember ever having to try in my classes until I began to take AP classes. 765 more words

English Class

String of Thoughts

A couple weeks ago several students at my school started a nasty Twitter page; anonymously attacking and bullying other students. I was angry and disgusted at how ignorant and blindly stupid these attackers were. 865 more words


Godin's Goods

Hello Humans!

So recently I listened to a podcast from Onbeing.org where the host interviewed Seth Godin, a very wise internet entrepreneur, about today’s society and the social changes occurring with the popularity and commonplace many internet and technological advances have found into peoples’ lives and in marketing and business. 873 more words

Book (Play) Review: Macbeth by Shakespeare

This is definitely my favorite book I’ve read for school this year, and my favorite Shakespeare I’ve read (though I only have Romeo and Juliet to compare it to). 445 more words

Book Review

Love Poem

Blue eyeliner framed her brown eyes, complimenting the vivid blue scarf that outlined her face.  The brightness of those colors and the youthfulness of her features were striking, especially in contrast with the seriousness of her expression, and the dullness of her tone, as she answered me. 697 more words

Competition Class : News Cast

Hello ALSAians!
Don’t forget to come in Competition Class “All About News Cast” today and we going to held OPEN RECRUITMENT for E-Challenge UNPAD and also E-Competition UI 2015 delegates! 10 more words