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30 Day Challange Check Point?

Some things I have noticed so far with this challenge….

1. I don’t have as much motivation as I thought I would… by then end of the day a couple times, I felt like I just did not want to make anything. 173 more words

30 Day Challenge

This Semester

Harder. That’s this semester in a word. From physics, chemistry and such and such…they get a bit too much to handle. Maybe that’s just how… 320 more words

English Class

You, A Fire

And when she seem’d to shake and fear your looks,

With knees drawn up

She said

“My Lord, I will be ruled; and quiet.

Be abused; Out of self-bounty, 9 more words

English Class


And the ones who would not make war?

They are not organized to stop things

fumbling and petty;

blundering at night.

When June is past, 25 more words

English Class

A Reflection on English Class

Logically, English class should be my absolute favorite. I’ve always fostered a deep love of books, quotes, writing, poetry; pretty much anything literary. And yet, too often, I leave English class feeling annoyed and unsatisfied.  547 more words


English class. Espionage act

Not the best quality of the photo. But it gives the reare opportunity to observer to understand whole burden of attending the english class.

Language Link Class

Week 10. Homework. Comment adverbs

Write 20 sentences using comment adverbs.

  1. Ideally my sleep length is around 9 hours.
  2. But in fact I sleep much less.
  3. Basically it connected to my working hours.
  4. 154 more words
Language Link Class