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Recording Assignment #1 - The Unexpected Backfire

If you’d like to contribute to the show, here’s your chance.

I’m looking to hear your experiences in the classroom where you tried something with the best intentions… But it backfired on you. 307 more words


Friday Fun Word- Xanthic

    It’s Friday again and I can think of no better way to celebrate than a Friday Fun word. This week’s word is xanthic. I heard this word in my English class and have been enthralled with it since. 117 more words

Sarah on This American Life on Student Discipline

This past week’s episode of This American Life addressed the question: What should be the goal of disciplining students?  (You can listen to it here… 1,028 more words

Meatless Wednesday and eating healthy at work.

So, I didn’t try to make this a meatless Wednesday, but now that I look back on today’s eats, they are sans meat. (Side note: I remember learning what “sans” meant in Mr. 376 more words


A note from our journal donor

“Dear Ms. Lowe’s classes,

Thank you all so much for the thank you letters. They meant so much to me. I loved school and I pray that all of you take advantage of all Ms.

43 more words

Daily Prompt:Finite Creatures

Daily Prompt:Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?


Anyone know why i select this picture because this creature here is immortal or never die can you imagine there is such really thing that can live forever. 437 more words

Daily Prompts

Dear Teacher

Dear Mrs. Ramos,

What you did to me/us today would be one of those experiences I will never ever forget in my entire life! You were one of those professors I looked up to because of your wide knowledge in English language especially in Literature. 503 more words

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