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Opening Day Speech to my Students


Welcome to the class


Our purpose for coming to gather here is twofold. Ostensibly, that is according to the catalog, we are here to


read and discuss both fictional and non-fictional prose and prepare related writing assignments, including a substantial research-based argument paper requiring library research and documentation and synthesis of materials gathered from diverse sources into a coherently organized paper. 

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Using "You" in Composition

As an English professor, anytime a student employs the use of second person, I cringe.  How many times must I tell them not to use “you.”  I read lines in argument papers that crash into the concepts of Academic Discourse, “The character is unsettled because when you leave home you feel feelings of guilt.”  I do?  431 more words


Teaching Reflection: First day of the semester

As I drive to my college for the first time every late august, I always feel like kind of a phony. I spend my summers working as a low level functionary at an auto repair shop. 235 more words

Getting Real

Dear Donald Murray,

Confession time. I’m a little nervous. This is getting real. I’ll be teaching two composition courses this fall, at two different schools. The first class begins on Tuesday of next week, and I just received the textbooks today. 196 more words


Images & Academia

Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter etc all heavily rely on image to communicate. There are the aspects of visual stim and illustrated understanding.

Many colleagues complain about the student body’s over-reliance on images; I keep it in mind. 314 more words



Dear Donald Murray,

I did it! I graduated in May with my MFA in Creative Writing. Wow, what a relief. But with this ending comes a new beginning. 206 more words