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Gordon Higinbotham: Reformed Nazi-lover and Benefits Britain star now linked to escort agency at council house

  • ON HIS BIKE: A picture taken from the “Gordon Hull” Facebook account.

  • CONTROVERSIAL: Gordon Higinbotham showing his “skinhead” tattoo in Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole.

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Rising to the challenge

“If we can’t all live together and get along, then what’s the point of anything?”

Those were the words spoken by a man on the street yesterday as he watched people insulting, threatening and screaming at each other while the police did what they could to deter violence. 247 more words

Wrexham man: 'I'm a racist and I kill muslims'

A MAN entered a shop and told its Muslim owner “I’m a racist and I kill Muslims,” on the first anniversary of the death of soldier Lee Rigby. 453 more words


EDL member gets ASBO over park clash

An English Defence League member who become involved with a clash with Muslims in Hyde Park has been banned from attending future marches without notifying police in advance. 262 more words


IWSG: Can Satire Go Too Far?

This is my entry for July’s Insecure Writers’ Support Group, a monthly ‘blog hop’ with the intent of giving each other feedback and encouragement. The full list of participants can be found at… 580 more words


Blackburn yobs jailed after pushing lit firelighters through Mill Hill letterboxes

TWO ‘reckless yobs’ who pushed lit firelighters through the letterboxes of four homes have been jailed.

Simon Cockerill, 26, and Ethan Hesketh, 21, went on the arson spree in Mill Hill, Blackburn, as people were asleep. 300 more words


Racist graffiti man who sprayed 'EDL' on Blackburn properties walks free

A FATHER-of-one who sprayed racist graffiti in Blackburn has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Ethan Hesketh, 24, covered property in a predominantly Asian area of the town with the letters ‘EDL’ and other offensive language. 342 more words