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An Open letter to the EDL

EDL – since the departure of Tommy Robinson and lack of a new prominent leader figure assigned to your movement along with the decline of attendees at national demonstrations, it’s time to reconsider your position, adapt or decline.  351 more words

Gender in the Far-Right: An Observation of Masculinities in the EDL using Corpus Linguistics

I’m interested in looking at gender in the far-right. I collected at a corpus of texts from the Facebook page of the English Defence League (EDL), a far-right, Islamophobic, street-protest group. 304 more words

Five months for protester who hit policeman at far-Right demo

An English Defence League protester who punched a policeman during last weekend’s banned demo in east London has been jailed for five months.

Darrell Copeland, 44, charged a line of police and smashed Sergeant James Lloyd in the face as the officers struggled to control demonstrators from the far-Right group. 116 more words


No place for the EDL in Peterborough.....

I rarely agree with Stewart Jackson on anything but when he tweeted that the English Defence League were not welcome in Peterborough he was spot-on. They are not welcome and nor should they be. 467 more words

Magistrates' praise for brave Darwen special constable

MAGISTRATES praised a female special constable who stood up to a drunken gang in a Darwen park.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Special Constable Nicola Veitch was attacked by one of the mob who ripped off her epaulettes and tie and smashed her torch as drunken teenagers and 53-year-old Anthony Vickers egged him on. 201 more words


Obituary for the English Defence League.

When the Manchester United football team play Manchester City, a physical crowd of 70,000 people is these days almost guaranteed. A similar number can be expected at other rivalrous matches like Everton Vs Liverpool, Celtic vs Glasgow Rangers, Tottenham vs Arsenal, and Chelsea vs Human Decency. 552 more words

Defend The Modern World

The EDL did a flash demo in Port street in Evesham yesterday (updated)

.. and didn’t tell anybody. They seem to be hanging their nazi fishing rods outside an ‘international food store’. The mind boggles. Luckily someone managed to extract the snaps they took of themselves from the Worcester EDL facebook page before the EDL mysteriously removed all trace of them? 23 more words