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English Language Exam: Question One

To help with your weekly language homework, here are some reminders for approaching question 1 on the reading paper. You are being asked to recall what you learn about the issue and must use relevant quotations to support your response.

Example mark scheme:


Vomity-looking chairs, laxatives and creativity

Recently a colleague of mine received an email from a European non-English speaker, who, at the end of a long, arduous risk assessment process (which is the job I am paid to do) confessed to not having given it enough attention at the beginning and stated cheerfully “Next time I will care from the start.” 633 more words


Night vision contacts could allow us to see in the dark

Although night vision capabilities are considered  in the modern battlefield as a primary tools, most nations are not yet well equipped.

Cost, maintenance, limitation on the field of view, batteries length, etc are important factors that let nation slow down in the development of their NVG capabilities. 114 more words

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Recommend me something

So here’s what I like:
1- realistic relationship building- if they’re suddenly madly in love after hanging out for a few days without any real reason other than the MC’s inner thoughts of “he’s kind of attractive, he’s not that bad” and suddenly “we’re so in love” wait, how did that happen? 134 more words

Learning To Write English All Over Again

There are times when I wish my mother tongue was something other than English  and I had to learn English from scratch. That way I would know my verbs from adverbs, my nouns from pronouns and how to construct a grammatically correct sentence.   753 more words

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Putting the fears around texting into historical context

We’ve seen that there is no evidence to show that texting is destroying the ability to write full sentences. This post shows that there is… 17 more words

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Matchin' & Askin'

Not all activities have to be pre-planned and pulled out of a book. After going over question words and while my student was answering some questions, I scribbled out these sentences and cut them up – this cements what has (hopefully!) just been learnt. 35 more words