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The Biggest Mystery about English Crime Shows: British Legal Terms You Meant to Look Up

Love British courtroom dramas like “Rumpole of the Bailey,” “Kavanaugh, QC” and “Silk” but a bit muddled on the difference between a silk and a stipe? 26 more words


Droplets of Verse: 'From Corkscrew to Cockcrow'

A barman takes orders, pint glasses stand stoutly, perusing the pandemonium
The polished bar shines from sturdy efforts of the cleaner, scent of ammonia
Scrubbed up Sunshine takes a bus into town, to walk among fellow enthusiasts… 694 more words


Droplets of Verse: 'The Wicked Queen'

A rosy red apple: juicy, poisonous
One bite gave Beauty a very long snooze
A handsome prince, a wake up kiss
The Wicked Queen is not amused


Softer Wonders, Still

When first I tried, I could not abide

Subtle miracles.

I craved all spectacles of light, and fire, and will:

Without lightning, cursing overheard, or… 202 more words


What a Beautiful Language #5: The Importance of Emphasis in Pronunciation

By now, I think it’s become clear that I am in love with the intricacies of the English language. However, I must admit that I struggle to explain some of the oddities our beautiful language presents us with. 468 more words


Dutch – a "world language" of modest proportions

The Netherlands doesn’t occupy much space on the world map, however, what the country lacks for in size it more than makes up for in other areas. 307 more words

The Netherlands