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The Town in Bloom by Dodie Smith

Being a newly minted graduate with a B.A. in English, I’ve stomached enough literary theory and incomprehensible postmodern stories for the foreseeable future. During these lazy months where my future career is still a glaring question mark, I’ve lapsed back to my old reading modus operandi: charming English novels. 898 more words

English Literature

For months on first knowing you, I said to myself here’s one of these talkers. They don’t know what feeling is, happily for them. Because everyone I most honour is silent – Nessa, Lytton, Leonard, Maynard: all silent; and so I have trained myself to silence; induced to it also by the terror I have of my own unlimited capacity for feeling – when Lytton seemed to be dying – well yes: I can’t go into that, even now.

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20th Century

"Searching for Heathcliff"

Today, homage to Emily Bronte.
When I despair over dismal book sales….I think of Emily.
Emily and her sister Anne’s first book of verses sold two copies….. 87 more words

Life Musings From A Reiki Master And Intuitive Animal Communicator

The Door

Six days and four hours
It is I whom he devours
Drunk one night
Under the club’s lights
I accepted a ride home
Too intoxicated to roam… 126 more words

The Secret Garden- Two things cannot be in one place

I decided that being as I’m going into my third, and final year of University, this is the year to attempt to tackle the ridiculous reading list before term starts. 281 more words

Analysis of a Poem

The cyclical structure highlights the endlessness of pain,

Emphasised by the anaphora which implies that

Pain is repetitive. Never ending.

The simile likens pain to a mystical, invisible force, 274 more words