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E M B A R K I N G - U P O N - A N - E N G L I S H - L I T - D E G R E E

So I’ve only been studying English Literature at degree level for a month and I’m not an expert in literature (and all the stuff that comes with it) just yet. 319 more words


Alphabet of (Wo)Man

Tomorrow morning, I will take the GRE subject exam in English literature. The test covers all literature (and literary theory) that has been written in (or translated into) English—so studying for it is tedious, frustrating, and difficult, to say the least. 821 more words

Faith And Intellect

We are All Made of Glue

Unlike in her two previous works, in We are All Made of Glue Marina Lewycka comes up with an issue about Israel-Palestine conflict. Through this third book of hers published in 2009, Lewycka doesn’t try to take sides, nor defend anyone, any religious beliefs, any peoples, or any nations involved. 866 more words


Google NGram Viewer: Police v. Crime & Domestic Work v. Industrial Work

The development of police forces progressed drastically throughout the 19th century. This advancement in the police force made me curious as to whether or not  588 more words

Class Blog 2

Poem of the Day #12 - Digging by Seamus Heaney

I miss Seamus Heaney, and I remember enjoying this poem of his at GCSE. Enjoy.


Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pin rest; snug as a gun. 206 more words

My Stuff

The Books I Love: What I Read This Summer

Real life usually impedes on our little pleasures. It’s just how it plays out for most: in high school and university you had more time to do as you liked in between classes and studying (if you were studying at all). 1,119 more words

The New Age of Merrydown: A Game of Thrones Fanfiction.

I sat by the window of my bed chamber, gazing out at the orange mountains with my fresh new born in my arms. Bundled tightly in layers of linen was my beautiful pink first born. 3,812 more words

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