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Identity Thief

I’m an identity thief
There are no rules
That is my belief
“Be all that you can be”
Stealing crown jewels
Or sipping chamomile tea… 34 more words

Wilfred Owen and Michael Morpurgo

In lesson we watched the film adaption of Michael Morpurgo’s, ‘Private Peaceful’. The director of this film is, Pat O’Connor. The novel is a didactic novel for children. 484 more words

Suicide Note

Mistake this
for a suicide note.
Mistake me
for a patient in your asylum;
you would have made it so much easier
to forget the pages I have written… 212 more words



Come hither, you beautiful thing
The desires from me you bring
Drawn to you I am
I don’t give a damn
Fill me with your warmth and sweet… 37 more words

Graduation style

After my previous post listing all the possible options for my graduation dress, I defied the odds and bought another dress! whyyyyy I can hear you all ask (including my bank balance), the simple answer is, I couldn’t resist the Karen Millen sale, whoops. 110 more words


Charmed to make your acquaintance
My name is Bob
You seem low maintenance
But don’t get me wrong
Au naturale is the best
Been here all along… 217 more words