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Holy , who would of thought that the king of karate Mr. Bruce Lee would actually have such an insight into human behaviour. 34 more words

English Literature

Literature is the Most Agreeable Way of Ignoring Life.

I think a love of literature goes hand in hand with depression. The escapism of reading nurtures depression. Delving into the depths of a book and getting lost in it mirrors the feeling of depression – only with the added benefit of personal distance. 495 more words


'Religion hardly leaves us alone': Ian McEwan’s latest sees a judge debating a young Jehovah’s Witness's fate

On the coffee table of Ian McEwan’s house in London, England, near where he set his new novel, The Children Act, sits a French magazine featuring pictures of tiny people scampering up huge rock faces. 1,080 more words


Lost in Paradise: Starting University

Starting university as a mature student is an opportunity I am extremely grateful to have. I always intended to take time out before higher education but even I didn’t know that when I said ‘I’m taking a gap year’ what I actually meant was, ‘I’m taking 8 gap years, traveling to the equator, eating chicken intestines, hitching a series of potentially fatal lifts in the back of pick up trucks, almost contracting rabies, pretending to be a German Nun to gain entry to the VIP section of the Bishops consecration (yes) and then I’m going to come home, have a baby and live a quiet suburban life for a few years’. 699 more words

English Literature

Literary genres in the opening of 'Birdsong'

Language of war is used when Azaire is talking about the work force and the situation his business is in, ‘retrench’. Faulks uses war language when talking about the Azaire family as this foreshadows war.  223 more words

Week Three/Four

What week I am in depends on which campus I am currently on.  This could potentially be confusing, but it actually isn’t.  I am, however, keeping a daily planner this semester.  1,352 more words