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Novels - Helping with International Connections

Today my family and I were eating lunch at a restaurant. Seated next to us (in very close proximity) was a table full of Japanese people who were all speaking in their native tongue.   195 more words

Jake Bowers Versus The Firebird

Incoherent Introductory Ramble

It started with ‘Hello’.

I suppose. I don’t know really it’s kinda hard to introduce yourself to the internet isn’t it? You don’t know who’s reading, what they know about you, or even if they want to know anything about you at all. 347 more words


hectic (poem)

is so metric
what a word…
so nectic?
just writing along
singing a good song
or maybe just hitting the wrong
anyways just my ways… 18 more words

English Literature

The Age Factor

I used to talk a lot about the pathetic conditions of the education system in India. Now though, it bores even me. But I came across something that made me laugh out loud, and even head to the internet for clarity. 49 more words

Thoughts Uncut

The Next Van Gogh...of Literature

I spend a good portion of most days reading and writing about literature and the environment.  About works of literature written in the nineteenth century during the rise of environmentalism as an academic discipline, as well as scientific papers on tree communication and forest networks.   146 more words


A Response to Mary Oliver's Wild Geese by Kallie Marcola

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body… 552 more words

English Literature

Writing Wednesday...

Hey Lost Boys and Girls,

As promised I’m trying really hard to keep to me new blogging goals. So today is Wednesday which means it’s Writing Wednesday…the poem I’m choosing to upload is a little something I wrote late one night when sleep eluded me and was replaced with thoughts of a certain member of the male species. 321 more words