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Empathy- "the ability to understand and share the feelings of others"

How can a father meet his wife in the kitchen and talk about his everyday happenings, when he just buried his first-born in the ground? The wife thinks he is incapable of feeling anything. 183 more words

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Discuss "Michael" as a pastoral poem.

Michael was circulated in the 1800 form of Lyrical Ballads. The sonnet is one of William Wordsworth’s best known verses and the subject of much fundamental written work. 129 more words

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I've been writing...

Hey Lost Boys and Girls,

I know, I know I’ve been gone forever but I’ve been super busy getting settled at university and getting a job that I haven’t had time to read anything other than the reading list and it’s all been super boring so far. 136 more words

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Arthur Miller International Literary Festival, Autumn 2014: Ian McEwan

Tonight I visited the University of East Anglia (UEA) to attend Ian McEwan’s lecture as part of the university’s autumn literary festival. I was first introduced to McEwan as part of my AS studies last year: I compared McEwan’s… 425 more words


Reading film: what can light tell us about a character?

As part of the ‘Introduction to Cinema’ module I’m studying at university, we had to do a close-reading of a film, looking at how a particular cinematic technique, or stylistic element conveyed meaning and the central narrative. 657 more words

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How to plunge every English literature student into an existential crisis

Talking to literature students is generally easy. We’re open-minded, talkative and heartbreakingly idealistic creatures – er, exceptions prove the rule and so on. Therefore, having a little chat with a literature student is usually a nice thing. 480 more words

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Don't Be Scared to Walk Alone...

don’t be scared to like it. -John Mayer

Never have I been so compelled to action by something I have read. I  was   so compelled to take a walk I stopped in the middle of reading to go enjoy  walk during the twilight. 188 more words

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