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She was ten when her neighbour gave her a chocolate as a gift…

“How nice”, She thought, but she didn’t see the monster in his eyes. 333 more words


A Silent Symphony..

She is broken…

Broken inside and broken outside.

Her wounded soul no longer sings….

and her bruised eyes can not see things.

Her wandering thoughts are standing still.. 240 more words

English : Poems

Into such honesty and honour, my father, let my country awake..!!!

I saw him yesterday night,

his bushy beard shone in moon light,

his t-shirt was ragged and his jean was ripped,

he was wearing torn sneakers and his eyes were red. 546 more words

English : Poems

She can’t dress per your norms, for she is no robot…!!!

She may wear a saree or a skirt…

Ripped jeans or shorts or short gowns…

She can choose whatever…it’s her wish…

but no one has the right to call her ‘Sick’. 283 more words

English : Poems

Ash Wakes

My feet dangle
from the ledge,
a drop too dark
I look for hope;
a pinhole glimmers
against the ash,
sooted hole
drags back my past; 68 more words


Angels Dancing

I catch my breath as I catch your eye
my hands caress down to your thigh
I hold you close, bringing you near
as i whisper gently ‘I love you dear’ 125 more words


Shredded Flower

My life a shredded flower

petals blown in stormy rain

uprooted through the seasons

plastered on window panes.


My life a shredded flower

blown and washed away… 29 more words