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Good Friday Poems - 3 Very Curious Examples

So then, it’s Good Friday! And for most Americans, that means it’s time to don our pastels, drive over to gramma’s and attend Easter services with a sea of other twice-a-year church-goers. 1,462 more words


The mask of Ordinary and Uninteresting

As I walk the streets of horrid misery

Of dark wallowing shrouded by stifling smiles

The sirens scream an excruciating song in the streets

The streets of murderous thoughts… 329 more words


Follow The Tears

This is going to be a small post nothing written by me as I am a slave to the system. I am working a job that I hate. 123 more words

Satisfying Bruises

I read “Mercury,” my first book by rebel poet Ariana Reines, while on a recent trip to New York City. Reines is famous for being fearless and even foul mouthed.   126 more words


hug makes a difference

i’d feel that cool warmth
when you hugged me this morning
though it was a dream

everything changed ever since
your hug made the difference

(NaPoWriMo Post#16)


An Old Poem

“Western Wind” (a fragment of medieval English poetry)

Western wind, when wilt thou blow,
The small rain down can rain?
Christ, if my love were in my arms, 7 more words


blood moon

you realised that
it’s you who made me mad

that’s why you felt bad
hid under the murk
and turned red-faced too
thousands of miles away from me Photo: Associated Press
(NaPoWriMo Post#15)