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Deduction과 감점

Skating에서는 가산점과 감점이 있습니다. 감점은 ‘Deduction’입니다.


"I Sent to You..."

Note: This poem was originally conceived to be sung to the Advent song “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel.” But it can stand alone as a poem. 389 more words


Day at the zoo...

Hello everybody!
Yes I know it has been ages, too busy with work, traveling and babyJ.

We have taken Easter break and drove all the way to the north-center region of France more precisely to the valleys of the Loire river where my in laws have a beautiful house… 205 more words


Donetsk separatists promise to leave after Maidan is dispersed

Donetsk separatists announced they will not leave administrative buildings until Maidan protesters are dispersed on Kyiv’s Maidan.

So said the co-chairman of the so-called ‘People’s Republic of Donetsk,’ Denys Pushylin, Espreso.TV reported, citing the Russian service of BBC. 160 more words


Spring is in the air - Hopla!

Another lovely afternoon in the city of Brussels. Place St. Catherine is heaving with people, all smiley and cheerful. Mothers are proudly watching kids making their first moves on a trapeze; a group of boys are enjoying cold beers while sunbathing on a bench; two Spanish girls are gossiping about the previous night out. 176 more words


Glas Påsk/Happy Easter

I just wanted to say Glad Påsk and Happy Easter to all! Our day started with the making of the Janssons Temptation, that we brought to an Easter potluck. 238 more words


Museum of Contemporary Art

In the good traveller’s vademecum, art is a landmark, and contemporary art is undoubtedly its upgraded version. The curious tourist will stare at masterpieces or sculpture, which shows how involved yet ignorant one can be in a contemporary art gallery. 270 more words