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Funny English in Japan

When living in Japan, you are constantly seeing funny English phrases everywhere. Many misunderstandings result from literally translating Japanese into English. Both languages have a totally different structure and many formal Japanese expressions have no English equivalent. 452 more words


Why does Engrish happen in Japan?

Over the years, Japan has earned a reputation for its awkward command of English, with results ranging from the perplexing to downright hilarious. The country’s translation screw-ups are so common that they’ve even earned their own collective name, … 1,007 more words



I was in a kickboxing class at my gym a while ago when I noticed something interesting. Between following the punch-kick-squat-jump-kick-kick-punch-uppercut combo that my insane instructor was blasting through, my eyes fell on a woman in front of me. 552 more words

Engrish on a Beer Can

Took these on a trip to Japan. Engrish never gets old.

EDIT: Engrish on a beer can? Well not really actually. When I first saw the can, I only saw the one side and misinterpreted the broken up sound of “the taste you will draft beer gives and refreshing” as poorly translated English. 96 more words

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Jay Park's "2013 Appetizer"

So…I can’t believe I missed it when I first came out, but I never knew he had a song like this until my friend mentioned it and I had no idea what she was talking about. 314 more words