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Elizabeth Gomez: Voting - Shut Up and Just Do It

Voting: Come on people JUST DO IT. Seriously, DO IT. I don’t want to be that crotchety middle-aged woman who has to get on a soap box about civic duties, but it seems that I must. 1,218 more words

Elizabeth Gomez

Engrish I

En la serie Engrish voy a publicar… pues Engrish. Y algún fail de español seguro que cae también. 48 more words



Hi y’all,

How ya doing?  Great?  Not good?  Oh what’s that, your childhood bestie, Rufus the beagle, suddenly passed away?  My condolences.  Here’s what’s on my mind. 463 more words


Not a fan?

Saw this fan at the swimming pool/sports centre the other day. At the top it reads TRASH CAN, which I suppose indicates the lowest setting, and at the bottom, it says MAKE YOUR DAY, which must be the effect of using number 3, the highest setting. 32 more words


It's like a foreign language to me!

Here I am living in Japan, working as an English teacher, loving the culture, the food the people and the language. The are times when I stumble with the language and misunderstandings occur because I have a different cultural take on a situation or I just don’t understand what the heck is being said or has been written. 1,267 more words