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Reflecting on America's sins, my (now week-old, sorry!) piece at Lobe Log

This went up while I was away, and so great was my desire to actually be on vacation that I didn’t even think to link to it here. 452 more words

America Fuck Yeah

Psychologist behind torture and interrogation speaks for first time

James Mitchell, one of the people who designed the CIA interrogation program of prisoners after 9/11, has broken his media silence. In a remarkable interview… 173 more words


"All Were In The Moral Sewer": Don't Let The Bush Administration Off The Hook For Torture

There’s a new report out today from McClatchey on the CIA’s torture program based on that Intelligence Committee report. They got a closer look at it than journalists have before, so there are some more details. 728 more words


US Senator Tells Dick Cheney to Try Waterboarding for Denying It is Torture

The Muslims knew about it, the human rights legists were writing papers in it’s condemnation, and Tony Blair also knew about.

That is the CIA’s enhanced interrogation programme, otherwise known as torture. 16 more words


Allegations against CIA have left a definitive partisan split in their wake.

In the midst of what many major news outlets have regarded as a “fight” between The CIA and The Senate, yet another partisan divide is beginning to form. 734 more words