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Wednesday's Riddle (7/30/14)

I am a father, children I have none
No one before me did what I have done.
I have an honor no one else can state… 14 more words

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Being different

My sister and I come from the same womb. Same father. Brought up the same way. Granted she is 9 years older than I am, but surely the people doing the bringing up won’t have changed their methods in any fundamental way in that time. 217 more words


Are Leaders Mysterious?

In a recent Leadership Lessons from Captain Ahab post, I made the claim that top leaders tend to be mysterious. I had some readers take issue with that idea, suggesting that monomaniacal Ahab may be mysterious but that he is… 253 more words

Tuesday's Riddle (7/29/14)

Though it rarely moves, it’s known for great speed
It’s often ignored till there is a need.
It helps people work, it helps people play… 31 more words

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What the Hell Did I Just Read? Enigma: Part I by Emily Scott

Let me just get this out of the way to start – Peter Milligan’s Enigma is an aptly named comic. I know I will be tempted as this article goes on to make a lot of mystery-based puns, but maybe if I just say that right from the beginning, I can save myself some undeserved pats on the back and you lovely readers some groans. 2,517 more words

Monday's Riddle (7/28/14)

It’s there before you, it you cannot see
It never has been, yet always will be.
Patience won’t help you, or the force of will… 16 more words

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Gaze upon anything with eyes of love and watch it transform into a beautiful miracle.