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The weirdness of it all…

A highly respected psychic, once gave me puzzled look while calling me an enigma.  I had to look it up…

Enigma  (Noun) Something puzzling, mysterious or inexplicable… 809 more words

Southern Humor

Polémica hecha cine: La última tentación de Cristo

En el año 1988, Martin Scorsese estrena La última tentación de Cristo. El director pensaba que la película pasaría bastante desapercibida y sin mucho éxito. 353 more words


Saturday's Riddle (4/19/14)

I use my two arms to go up and down
Seen in the city as well as in town.
Without touching you, I will hold you back… 16 more words

Brain Teaser

Tamiya 1/35 T-55 ENIGMA

The Enigma was a modified  T-55 that was encountered on several occasions by Coalition forces during Operation Desert Storm. The modifications to the original Russian design consisted of hollow steel boxes that Iraqi Army engineers had welded and bolted to the tank’s turret and hull in an attempt to add more armoured protection to its most vulnerable areas. 521 more words

Chris Wauchop Models

Friday's Riddle (4/18/14)

Pulling on a rope, climbing a ladder
Even though not there, it doesn’t matter.
Found inside a box that doesn’t exist
Drawing quite a crowd and hard to resist. 6 more words

Brain Teaser

Voice of a Loon

When you learn that the world is mystical,

Dealing with science creates enigma,

Without worries, life may seem whimsical,

But creative fires smoke with stigma, 83 more words

Thursday's Riddle (4/17/14)

With the name Erik I often broke loose
Police handcuffed me and some used a noose.
Placed within a box and thrown into jail
Even underground I rarely did fail. 25 more words

Brain Teaser