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Always Remember...

Always remember you are the creator of your life…

work for it and enjoy every minute of it


Enjoy Your Life...

Stop fussing & worrying about all the things that have gone wrong

& give thanks for all the blessing life affords you…


Take A Deep Breath...

Every once in a while

take the time to take a deep breath and simply enjoy your life,

for it is quite a gift indeed


The Good Old Days....

Enjoy everyday for there will come a time

when you look back and reminisce on them as the good old days…


Enjoy Your Life...

Fill your life with all the little things

that contribute to you enjoying your life


The advice of Luqman

This is very useful advice in which the Qur’an tells us about Luqman. Many other proverbs and words of advice were also narrated from him and some of these examples are quoted below as basic principles: 172 more words

Sayings And Actions Of Salaf As Saalih

Take Advantage Of Today...

Take advantage of today

and stop worrying about what may come tomorrow

or you’ll find you’ve stopped living