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Some Advice For A Younger Me

Very (very) soon I will be starting a new decade in my life- moving into the 30’s. Must say, I am quite looking forward to this new ‘chapter’. 557 more words

Praying Excessively at Night- Ibn al-Jawzi

Iblis has deceived some worshipers to perform a lot of night prayers. Some of them pray the entire night, and they feel happier when performing night and duha prayers more than obligatory prayers. 415 more words

Knowledge (iLm)


Before i got hitched, i shook my head at the sight of unorganized mommies. Who just couldn’t be bothered if they look like an amah strolling in the shopping mall with handsome husband and pretty baby. 762 more words

Enjoy Your Life

Life on an Easel

Life is truly a piece of artwork. We write on the canvas of life every moment every day.

Do you give much thought to what you do with your life or are you one of those people who go with the flow and enjoy every particle. 237 more words

Understanding the spouse's psychological frame of mind- The story of Qadi Shuraih

This is necessary for the compatibility and longevity of marriage. But despite this, many couples do not bother to give this issue any attention. This involves the likes and dislikes of each other and what pleases and displeases each other. 289 more words

Enjoy Your Life


Take a moment each day to take in the beauty of the world around

and contemplate it’s absolute amazingness