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Physical attractions are common, but a mental connection is rare.

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現今學生學習一種樂器已經是不可能的事, 尤其是香港。

那當然第一先要讓小朋友自己選擇自己喜歡的樂器, 之後就要努力去協助小朋友培養。
學習新東西一定會遇到難處, 家長可能需要「從旁協助」, 例如: 調配好學習上課的時間, 每天的練習要恆常, 對學習的尊重及態度。

除此之外, 學習一種樂器, 最好就要自己家中經常要練習得到, 所以當然要有配備。
就以學鋼琴為例: 初學至一級 / 或不用考琴試的, 可去附近的琴行練習。但將來達到更好級數或要考試的話就一定要有鋼琴練習了。


Strings Instruments (弦樂器), 包括小提琴, 大提琴之類, 對學生聽音有很大的幫助。Harp 豎琴是近年新興小朋友(或家長) 喜愛! 7 more words


The Coaster

I took my kids on vacation this summer.  We traveled to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and went to several amusement park-type venues.  I’ll be honest – I think I may have had more fun than they did. 233 more words


Osho - A Course In Meditation - Day 11

Day 11 – Everybody Is Creative

Thought for the day: As I go through the day, I allow my creativity to spring forth

Daily Quote: 392 more words


2014 Joy 31

2014 Joy 31

they sprawl out on the floor looking at the big color book with words and the nephew
plays teacher to his gentle giant of an uncle who is twenty-five years older… 27 more words


Playlist: July

E aí gente ^^ pois é né…amanhã já é Agosto. aqui no Japão o calor vai aumentar e a chuva, alguns tufão tão preste pra vir também!! 87 more words