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Virginia's Highways and Backways

What interesting things you see when you are cruising down the back roads instead of flying down the interstate to your destination.

Saturday, I did the latter to arrive at an event on time, but after the event we chose to take a slower thus longer way home down the back roads of Virginia. 528 more words

On in Sickness and in Health (41)

Sorry for the long writing break, friends.  I’ve been sick for days, but thankfully I’ve been feeling a lot better today and was able to go back to work. 195 more words


Welcome back! Today I am going to talk about Optimism. Optimism is something that is said to be the key to a long and happy life. 362 more words

Time-out Tuesday: Summer Heat

Summer is a great inspiration (excuse) to part from your regular chores and take a break.  The amazing weather opens up several opportunities to work in the garden, hang with pals at the beach and boost your fitness. 25 more words


Eat the Frog

Today was the day I needed this helpful reminder.

We all have aspects of our work that we do not enjoy.  Let’s embrace that and move forward.   121 more words


Enjoy The Second Quarter


Enjoy the second quarter

Of the year

Rush along to the beach

Or approach the mountains

Savor summer!


In response to 20140722: day 203… 13 more words


learn with your children... making learning fun...

We need something like this in our parks … Wouldn’t it make learning interesting?

Your thoughts?