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Rest, revive, survive.

The title of this blog post is so relevant to me over this past month!  I have been so busy and quite stressed over the past few weeks, especially considering my last weeks of school are slowly coming to an end.   953 more words

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Various states have their own take on barbecue, but Texas certainly wows everyone with gigantic portions. You’ll never run out of recommended places to dine around Austin, such as barbecue pits that can smoke hundreds of pounds of meat all at once. 132 more words


THANK YOU!! To my 500+ followers!!

Well what can I say? Saying thank you to all you kind people  does not seem like enough.

But truth be told, I’m very grateful for all your support – no matter how little it is. 171 more words

Comedians are Sad People

Somebody once told me that comedians are sad people because they can only laugh at life and at themselves when they find things so horrible that they’d rather laugh than cry. 372 more words


Happiness....what is it???

Happiness…what is it? How do we find it and how do we keep it? This is the ultimate question and the thing that will bring you the most fulfillments out of life. 484 more words