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How to be a Better Girl™|Feeling Confident

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Hello! As the title says, today I will be giving you the insight on how to be a better, more confident girl. I used to struggle with confidence, especially if I didn’t have a person whom I trusted to share my problems, guide me, and tell me their own expiriences to help me. 1,348 more words

For believe me:

For believe me: the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and greatest enjoyment is – to live dangerously.
Friedrich Nietzsche

All I Do Is Read, Read, Read, No Matter What

Sometimes I think up blog posts in my head. With titles and everything. Really clever titles. But, like most things in my head, those blogs posts get overlooked, pushed to the back of my mind until eventually, they’re lost forever. 264 more words


10 Russian girls

I got an email from my friend who lives nearby.

He is much younger and he is a doctor.

I’m sure you do know that doctors do miracles. 58 more words


The first miracle provided a party

As you know I do not claim a title but I defend GOD. Most people do not know that GOD is a GOD of celebration. It is all over the Bible, parties left and right and not only a few hours or a day but month long parties. 273 more words

An Adventure

May 15th, 2014

everyday moments

BIG &    small 

are worth experiencing

the happiest moments

to the

embarrassing ones

Each one of everyday

Is an ADVENTURE… 36 more words


As a follow up to my Diwali post from yesterday, here are some photos of the Rangoli I made last night! I had SO much fun working on it! 28 more words