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Lessons from Durham and hooping at the Baltic

I had a great weekend! Aside from a cancelled class on Friday ….. (feeling unloved)…. but it did mean I got to go to my Auntie’s surprise 80th so things work out! 435 more words

Boosting Your Energy


Jealousy. It’s a strange thing.

But first – context:
I’m 18. I’m taking a gap year and I’m having a great time at the moment. I love my job, I’m busy organising things, socialising is so exciting, there is so much to look forward to. 199 more words


Who I Am

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself.

I am an average teenage girl who attends school and I try to work my hardest. I’m more of an academic person rather than a sporty person. 135 more words


Simple Pleasures

It’s often the really simple things that have the most impact on us and speaking personally they are the things we most often remember. When all the stresses and pressures of a modern commercialised world need to be countered, for me it’s something very simple and uncomplicated that will be most likely to do it. 565 more words


A timetable

Routine ,a time table,its a cure for wandering mind.As long as you follow it and don’t let distractions affect you,a routine keeps you away from unnecessary thoughts.I experienced this before I got sidetracked. 25 more words



George Bernard Shaw was quite right when he said: “Youth is wasted on the young”.

The older I get the more I appreciate that. In my youth I wasted so much time on such idiotic issues and expended so much energy and thought on what seem to me now to be absolute nonsense. 1,210 more words


Part of the day to day existence in life brings with it some idea of admiration. It might come from simple things; like admiring the sunshine; or the flowers in the garden ~ or perhaps someone’s smile! 368 more words