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A little bit of Japanese Hanami in Sunny Somerset

The beautiful cherry trees are in full bloom in this little part of Somerset and it really does uplift the spirits as we have been through such a wet winter. 334 more words

The Beginning and then Some...

 The Beginning and then Some…

Well, it wasn’t red at my house, but the moon is always beautiful as far as I’m concerned. It was fun to watch it transition and try to get my camera to take any worthwhile photos. 100 more words

Enjoy it!

Last week I co-led my first retreat in Mexico. I am ever so grateful for these ladies, who showed up and jumped into the deep end of the pool and emerged, through their practice, in their own words, transformed. 492 more words


100 days of happiness 6-10

Day 6: After living in the house since January 1st, we finally have our fence up, our garden is going to look awesome :D

Day 7: A delicious (yet unintentional) meatfeast pizza! 56 more words


Good Weather: Opening the Door to Day Drinking

So I am sure many of have already started enjoying this good weather that has come our way. There seems to be this common trend associated with good weather; many find it as an excuse to grab some alcohol and “day drink”. 93 more words

Minimalist Monday: Letting Go, Change Of Seasons, And My Birthday!

Happy Monday, everyone! Winter is trying to make one last impression here at The Next 50 years. It has been snowing rather heavily most of Sunday and into Monday. 583 more words

Minimalist Mondays

A Break


In my warm bed


I could stay here



Beckons movement


Expended to meet aims



A day off


For fitness… 6 more words