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Ebola or Not - You're going to die anyway

Why are you worried about Ebola? Why?

Seriously, the whole world is worried about Ebola. Everyone’s freaking out, but at the end of the day, what’s the point of worrying about it? 823 more words

Focus on the now, enjoy the moment and find happiness in every step of every journey

During my Monday morning cup of tea this was the message that surfaced. Focus on the now, enjoy the moment and find happiness in every step of every journey… Wise words from the Rabbit Gary Numan! 29 more words

The World Of POCO DROM

The Sweet Spot

It is 9:30pm. My family is sleeping.

I’m sitting in low Sunday night light, looking forward to climbing into my clean sheets.  The dryer is running downstairs, and I can smell the moist clean laundry smell. 311 more words


WBC 2.43 - Novemba to Rememba

In the mix of having 2 kids, getting married and having a huge…..nose, I have found that outside of recording a podcast each week, there hasn’t been a ton of major “fun events” I have been to. 607 more words

Blog Challenge

wow...didn't realize.....

I had no idea it had been almost a month since my last post. I told myself I would not allow things to stop me from posting things but apparently I could not keep that promise….oops!!!  65 more words

Home Life

I'm a...

Welcome to my, ‘I’m a’ poetry series. Small poems dedicated to any object in the universe.

Up when it’s still dark
You go to work… 54 more words


New awesome book

Found a new book today. Its awesome.The story resembles harry potter but is not a copy .Though magic is involved, but so far the setting is very different. 11 more words