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Garage Mak Stable

Chances are you’ve probably heard of the Japanese tuning shop Garage Mak, if not, you should get to know them especially if you are a Nissan fanatic. 92 more words


Stolen Parts, Helping a Friend and Wrenchin on the Nick's EF

Before we get onto the main post we have something to say and to communicate with everyone who is a reader on this site. Sometime between last Sunday after Cars Expo and yesterday BCG Andrew’s coupe was broken into and he had a few parts stolen. 341 more words

The Spidey S2K

Still experimenting with the light painting, I had the chance to shoot a few of super clean cars in the area. Here are a few of the pictures that came out. 28 more words

Enkei OEM Alloy Wheels

The car is 2 years old now and I decided to buy a set of new wheels for my car. I did not want a set of bling alloys or super expensive lightweight sports alloys, my requirement was a set of reliable, good for bad roads, and correctly fitting alloy wheels. 473 more words


Subarus Of Instagram

My apologies for the lack of updates lately. It’s been a very busy few weeks at work, but as things settle down and the Formula 1 season gets underway, I should have a lot of new topics to discuss. 117 more words

Customize Your Ride - Add some new shoes

North America has a Passion for the automobile. Most consider their car as an extension of themselves. A physical representation of themselves, and in some situation, your car can make the first impression. 122 more words