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Simple & Clean Zenki

I went to a local meet this past weekend and while there, I spotted this uber clean Zenki 240 out on the street so I decided to snap a few pics of it. 12 more words


Track Bred EG6 Build... Part 24

Today is a quick update on Jerry’s Track Bred EG6 Build. At this point he is pushing really hard to get the body kit completed for the upcoming season. 296 more words


Aug 9 | 40k Oil Change

Due for an another oil change for my STi soon so I went to WheelsCo to pick up some Eneos (Tee hee hee)

I use 5W40 for summer since I like to do high revs so better use high viscosity grade. 177 more words


8-6-14. New wheels just arrived!

Another piece of the puzzle has just arrived!  A few more parts and it’ll be ready for fun!

Track Bred EG6 Build... Part 23

Welcome back to part 23 of the Track Bred EG6 Build. In the last update Jerry was showing significant progress with the new widebody kit. At this point things are moving along at a steady pace based on the scheduled completion date. 407 more words