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Share the Happy

One of the greatest benefactors of happiness is that there is no price to obtain it or share it. Living a positive life despite of the varying obstacles that may derive speaks volumes. 175 more words


New Moon Meditation ~ Manifesting Positive Change

The New Moon is a great time to focus and set your personal intention on bringing specific CHANGE into your life.  Normally this is done once the New Moon has become exact, for a certain amount of time, (sometimes only hours) and during this time you must focus a lot of thought and energy into what you want to manifest.   351 more words


Why I Still Read the Bible

I enjoy being challenged, that’s why. I enjoy stretching the limits of my understanding and intellect. I like to be confronted with things I don’t understand, so I can figure it out. 328 more words


The feeling you get in between those chaotic moments, when your echo is the only thing that comes back.
Everything around you is in commotion yet you feel its just you and your echo, its just you and your shadow, its just you and the tick-tock of your Rolex watch.
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What Is Enlightenment?

What is enlightenment?   What causes it?  How do you find it?

When I was 25 years old I had my very first psychic reading done.  Among many other things the psychic told me I had three guardian angels; an Indian on my left, a female on my right and directly behind (and hovering over me) was a very tall, strong, protective male.  434 more words