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Inspire One, Effect Many....

Yes, it’s true, no single person can change the world……or can they? If you buy a stranger coffee or pay the toll for someone behind you, or send an anonymous gift to just anyone you find in a phone book, could you inspire them to do the same?   86 more words


Embrace, Enrich, ENLIGHTEN

Englighten….the definition of enlighten is to “give greater knowledge or understanding about a subject or situation”. There is a difference between enlightening someone and being a smarty pants about it. 165 more words


Embrace, Enrich, Enlighten....Enrich

To be able to enrich someone else’s life enriches your own. Think about it, no good deed is truly unselfish. Can you tell me a good deed that can be done without having some positive influence on your own life? 130 more words


I certainly had a romanticised notion of working and living on a station/farm when I first started out...

I snickered to myself when one of my sisters remarked that my life was like McLeod’s Daughters.

To them, my endless Instagram and Facebook spam of my rural photography encompasses my full farming experience. 415 more words


sometimes I delete...

Sometimes I don’t like what I’ve written and sometimes I just have nothing to say. It’s like the brain isn’t feelin anything new….anything blog worthy. I erase everything. 665 more words

Farm Life


She may ask you to sacrifice everything and everyone that matters to get her.