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A Prisoner's Review: The Aftermath

An inmate in Atlanta received The Aftermath from the chaplain of his prison. He was kind enough to write a review of the novel:

Found Alphabet

Finding this alphabet was certainly interesting.  There are more letters everywhere you look, in places you might even think about.  I found the majority of these in two locations, because that is where I spent the majority of my time inbetween homework and whatnot; but it wasn’t necessarily a ‘hunt’ so much as it was an ‘observance.’  If I took the time, the letters just popped out. 71 more words


Found Alphabets

Roaming the Streets of Philadelphia

For the Found Alphabets exercise, I decided to make my theme within the streets of Philadelphia. This city has so many interesting sights to see. 99 more words


Cognitive Recognitions

As I was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I had been noticing throughout the game that the designers had been paying extra attention to the architectural and aesthetic beauty of their environments. 52 more words


a.ha - Take On Me


          I was never really interested in listening to old music. I found most of  them distasteful, so I barely listened to them, which I regret–I missed out on so much good music! 176 more words


One makes two, two more for you.

Love is like a nutrient.
That no one gets enough of.
When everyone should be gouging on its sweet delights.

Love is a hope that never dies, 139 more words