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We all need help sometimes: A shoulder to cry on, lean on; an ear bent in our direction with a heart connected to it more often than a mind with a mouth connected to it; a hand to hold; an eye to catch; a word of advice; feedback; tangible resources, ie: money, furniture, food. 152 more words


Unattached Royalty

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Is the crown, the item… 53 more words



With age comes wisdom…sometimes it shows up alone

Prairie Home Companion (paraphrased)


My First Sweat, Part 2 - Late 1999

I would later discover through personal experience that not all sweats are created equal. Some are by far hotter than others, and this first sweat I attended was blisteringly hot – so hot that I literally felt like my skin was melting. 131 more words

Sometimes the universe KNOWS what you need better than what your heart THINKS you need.


Flaws are okay

Thankfully people are now demanding a stop to photoshopping of magazine photos.  Petitions have forced some magazines to stop the photoshopping tactics, and others are catching on promising to include more “real” women of varying body types. 156 more words


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The 2nd Solutionary Congress

I wish I lived in Utah to participate in this year’s Solutionary Congress coming up in two weeks.  This is such a fantastic opportunity for high school students.  60 more words