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Treat Animals As We Would Wish to be Treated

All creatures have the divine spark and are conscious. All creatures feel, think, and have needs.

It is the wise person who treats creatures with respect. 160 more words


Enlightenment and Other Problems

Enlightenment is something that a lot of Buddhists think about. We try to define it, capture its essence, create a concrete checklist of actions and traits that constitute an “Enlightened Being.” I have found myself asking such questions as these: 471 more words


How to be Ultra Spiritual

It’s all here, all that you need to know.  But you knew that.

Video by J P Sears.


Professor Justin Champion: Why the Enlightenment Still Matters Today

“The Enlightenment” has been regarded as a turning point in the intellectual history of the West. The principles of religious tolerance, optimism about human progress and a demand for rational debate are often thought to be a powerful legacy of the ideas of Locke, Newton, Voltaire and Diderot. 140 more words


Be a Non-Doer of your Actions.

The non-doer does all the work, without getting attached to it. The work is done, but he is released from the work. The mind becomes the store-house, only if you have a sense of doer-ship towards your work. 1,794 more words


The Primal Campfire Experience

The Primal Campfire Experience

Fire is a primal element. ‘Agni’ (or fire) is the first word of Rik Veda; and contains the structure of the entire universe within it. 667 more words


A Labyrinth of Lies

Momentary thrills distract from the mundane
Day in day out different people, same games
Hidden behind shadows of fear, corners of doubt
A labyrinth of lies, constructed without an escape route… 114 more words