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Wanting to hurry my ambition

I am burdened with a strong existential bent, & my only real ambition in this life has been to become “wise.”

For much of my adulthood, I felt like that only meant learning & growing from every experience. 213 more words


A Divine Magnificent Song

 As we came to the end of the path we stopped to see the view

The canyons bold colors
The depth of natures carving through time… 181 more words


Removing Anxiety & Enhancing Connection Through Meditation

“If you retain the joyous aftereffects of meditation throughout the day, or part of the day, you will see that this joy will correctly guide you in everything.

314 more words
Actualized Leadership

Relationship with Aliveness

Still thinking about yesterday’s post on what is important and being able to build your life around the answer. I said “my spirituality is most important….my relationship to spirit trumps all other relationships.” 148 more words


You are separate from your Mind.

The house is the best metaphor for the mind, and you are living in that house. You can anytime choose to move out of your house, see your house, observe and make changes with it. 1,803 more words


Concentration, the Way to the Highest Experience of Life.

When you wish to attain anything in the outside world, you need full concentration of your mind. With the concentration, you touch the deeper aspects of the thing and produce quality result out of your actions. 2,137 more words


THE CROSS: The Real Christmas Message

Today, i was browsing my facebook and as i came across this News from a news agency featuring Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother who was told to remove the Cross that was placed in His son’s tomb. 1,527 more words