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 I am noting that it is easiest to live as a hermit and know the sublime and ecstatic spaciousness and vastness of the Infinite. I’m sort of saying this tongue-in-cheek because one cannot be ensconced as the Infinite and maintain Apartness, yet it sure seems easiest to “maintain” a sense of abiding non-dual awakening when I am house-sitting with a fridge full of food (thus basic necessities taken care of) and no being to interact with except the cats I’m feeding and the plants I’m watering. 763 more words


How to Admit Stuff, #23

Trying not to say they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about (even though they already erased all doubt).

When faced with having to admit stuff, here are recommended things to say, easy enough for anyone and requiring only a little practice: 36 more words


Marijuana In The Green States Of America

“Colorado and Washington both legalized recreational use of marijuana in 2012. Since legalization Denver’s violent crime has dropped by 10.6% and homicide is down to less than half of its 2013 level. 35 more words


8:15 am

This morning I was rudely awakened from my sleep by a fly. I heard the fly’s buzzing from my bed. He would not shut up. At this point, I’m wide awake and to be honest, can’t fall back asleep because he’s still buzzing around my room. 172 more words


Waltzing with Buzz

Breaking Bad is one of my all time favourite TV shows, and one that I love to analytically strip down (no anal puns intended). So many of the episodes (for me) seem to be representing social, cultural and even spiritual values. 219 more words


The Essence of Zen

In this article I’d like to talk about a topic, which at heart, is impossible to talk about. I must accentuate then, that the spirit of the words which are to follow is not to portray any sort of creed—a system of opinion or belief—but rather to expose the remnants of what we could call a ‘way of perceiving'; a ‘way of living’, or a ‘state of being'; which at present in the West is completely alien, and most regrettably, unstylish. 1,474 more words


Flight or Fight!

I recently had an opportunity to visit Japan.  A short film I directed, “Tomoko’s Kitchen,” was invited for a special screening at the Dream Box film festival in Nagoya. 1,200 more words