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Inward Planes

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Inward planes of colours supported

dimensions, transmigrations; soul’s deported

in all ways, path-day and emotions

lead to Nirvana, One with God’s reported… 143 more words


Dragons Vs. Angels

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Think for yourself, maintain your own health

wealth subsides in non-conformist routes

question Authority; your a minority

yet common tear’s drop circlet rings… 634 more words



I lost my eraser the other day. On no planet is the loss of an eraser anything worth getting upset about. Still. I was a little agitated.  130 more words


Jesus as Metaphor for Spiritual Awakening

I’m facilitating a study group around Adyashanti’s latest book Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic. This book is a wonderful invitation for those of us who have drifted afar from Christian teachings to rethink the story of Jesus, reflecting on his life as a metaphor for spiritual awakening. 730 more words

Living With Awareness

Getting Happy (#27)

For a long time, I thought that the trick to NOT focusing on the bad, to NOT cataloguing what’s wrong with the world – an endless and, frankly, kind of pointless task – was to focus on the good. 314 more words


Where Earth Meets Sky


I sit here writing

About the possibilities

The sun setting on the horizon

As if it is so far away

Thinking I have to reach… 59 more words


The Grand Operating Design

Most people today will be familiar with computers, smart phones and the explosion of technology in society.  Familiar, at least, with the uses of such devices.  1,655 more words