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Comparison between the individual session of meditation and the road one walks in the life of practice.

I’ve noticed similarities between the individual act/session of meditation (micro) and the way in which mindfulness – combined with meditation – effects me in my day to day life (macro). 346 more words


"Some Contact Info For Veteran's Concerns . . . "

There are several people who have inquired about how/who to contact regarding the issues at the VA. This is what I could come up with for now. 91 more words


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More info....

"Here's A True Story . . . "

Most of my followers know that I am a disabled combat veteran, (100% permanent for PTSD). That means that I receive my medical care from the VA. 715 more words

Rising Hawk

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This is a travesty and I am hoping to help with awareness by reblogging this. Let's make this treatment of the people who protect and serve not acceptable.

Brahm Vidya

Brahm Vidya … by Dr. Anil Maheshwari

Total enlightenment is akin to becoming Brahm, the ultimate non-dual reality that is the source of all creation. Brahma is referred to in Vedanta as Aham Brahm-asmi, as the ultimate divine reality of every person. 610 more words



o my queen, can you feel my heart?
it is pigmented with every color of your art,
are we not connecting, coming together, not apart? 745 more words



Everyday is a struggle. Just when I think I am calm, I start to loose it. I become irritated, annoyed, and it feels as though a splinter that cannot be tweezed out. 100 more words


Creating Part of a Possible Answer to "What is Consciousness?" that would Account for consciousness' Inexplicableness Part 1

I’ve recently been trying to think of ways of looking at consciousness that would explain why it is – or could be – something that is inexplicable. 278 more words