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Mistaken Identity...

“Whoever seeks to rediscover the Self by devoting himself to the care of the body, is like
one who proceeds to cross a river holding on to a shark which one has mistaken for a log of wood.” … 150 more words

Book Review: Tristram Shandy

I laughed out loud reading Tristram Shandy, when I understood what was going on. I found it harder to explain: it’s a #youhadtobethere book.

(Tangential remark, not really in the style of Sterne: not sure that the people using #youhadtobethere know what it means. 788 more words

Book Review

I think I'm like a Bee

People look at me sometimes, my family and friends, and think I am all over the place, and so random, (like that’s a bad thing). And I have been thinking about that. 480 more words

I miss lithium ...

i didn’t feel it’s’ effect on me while I was on it/ not mentally atleast / now, I feel like I’ve lost my best girlfriend. 29 more words

Lunch With Ducks

“You are not separate from nature. We are all part of the one life that manifest itself in countless forms throughout the universe, forms that are all completely interconnected.” 8 more words


Frontier Spirit

I spoke with my boss today about some debug issues that we’ve been dealing with at a customer. One issue has been dragging on for about two and a half months now, though I’ve been working on it for only a month. 483 more words