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Lunch With Ducks

“You are not separate from nature. We are all part of the one life that manifest itself in countless forms throughout the universe, forms that are all completely interconnected.” 8 more words


Frontier Spirit

I spoke with my boss today about some debug issues that we’ve been dealing with at a customer. One issue has been dragging on for about two and a half months now, though I’ve been working on it for only a month. 483 more words


Life & Death.

Due to all the recent tragedies in my life, I have been thinking a lot about life and death lately and really trying to understand the meaning of it, if there even is one. 118 more words


Your lucky DAY

It isn’t every day one gets a notice that they won the lottery! Does it ever feel good.

According to a recent email from a Nigerian prince I won a Kenyan lottery. 133 more words


Bending the News to fit the sensitivities

With the Alphanets, it is all about sensitivity to others feelings.

In this multicultural milieu, if there is to be any shootings or unheadings of Media personnel, it won’t be the Chatting Clothildes or Nattering Norbits. 78 more words


Direct my thinking...

I’ve often heard the suggestion that “upon awakening… [I] ask God to direct my thinking, especially that it be divorced from dishonesty, self-pity and self-seeking… we’re certain God gave us brains to use.” When I was in the midst of meditation, my thinking-chatter wouldn’t quiet down so I prayed this prayer and thought how what I’m actually hoping is that God totally lift the thinking completely away! 74 more words