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You Create your Own Experiences

*ALLOWING OURSELVES to observe what happens to us in our daily lives, provides us with the opportunity to make more informed and educated choices about how we handle life and it’s problems. 372 more words

Conscious Awareness

Old Souls & Ayahuasca: Check points on the path to enlightenment

I believe in old souls.  Heck, I might be one. To me, an old soul has emotional and spiritual maturity. That maturity is less about exposure to spiritual teaching or even to spiritual practice. 620 more words


A Rendezvous with God

It was a watershed moment on the beach years ago when I realized that living in constant misery about the shape of my body was, in fact, far worse and life depleting than any number on the scale ever could be. 715 more words


#mylifematters Part VIII

Three little words changed my life, forever. You’d think that, just coming off a suicide spree, as I’ve affectionately named the preceding portion of my life, one would naturally turn to larger questions: What is life? 3,201 more words


It Starts Within Yourself

I feel as though this is as good a time as any to begin this journey, what an intimidating journey might I add.

(I just noticed my first post was from 3 years and 3 days ago= 3 is a powerful number! 103 more words

Adventure Time

The Fear Fallacy

Fear exists on a continuum ranging from worry (a mental illness so common it is regarded as normal) to full-on panic attacks during which the victim enters a state of distress so acute that he assumes he is having a heart attack. 347 more words

Men's Counselling