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Sadhu - Nepal

The man in this photograph is a Holy sadhu of Nepal. ¬†For more about the Sadhu’s philosophy of life click here to read Edge of Humanity Magazine post “ 12 more words

Film Photography

Transhumanism is a Black Hole of Anguish

Transhumanism fills millennials with hope and pride. They look at the great achievements of applied science and beam. They imagine the future achievements to come: The elimination of death, the creation of truly conscious artificial intelligence, and the overcoming of all biological constraints. 705 more words


The Power of One

One allegedly violent 19-year-old boy pretty much shut down our fine city of Boston last Friday. Not to mention the terrible damage he and another are believed to have wrought on innocent lives near the marathon finish line on Monday. 295 more words

Lama Surya Das

To be or not to be, to do or not to do?

This is a post about how to live.

The ancient oracle at Delphi advised those who entered to “Know Thyself”, and this is the aim of Yoga, which is all I know anything about and the basis of my blogging. 371 more words

Bahay Aruga

It was a day filled with inspiration, hope, enlightenment and happiness. Visiting a cancer institute have been one of the dream I had since I was a little child. 498 more words


What every "Enlightened person" knows, but never talks about...

Sometimes is just hard to explain how you are different now when you become enlightened and get feed up with others. You do see the courage inside of yourself and other things people can’t see…I choose to stay focus on success but more importantly the joy of life

Empowered Motivation

Replicate the highest state and then live into it

Imagine a state of being, in which you could not possible conceive things to be or ever get any better. In this ultimate state or condition, it would simply be unthinkable that any more could be added. 274 more words