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The Eagle and the Elf

I joined Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am exhausted and frustrated. May contemplating balance and integration bring relief. 409 more words

Natalia Erehnah

The Dragon King's Daughter, no. 1

There is story in the Lotus Sutra where the most unlikely candidate, the Dragon King’s daughter, achieves enlightenment. I like the way a certain Robert Harrap summarises this in a recent Art of Living magazine (May 2011 in fact, so not that recent!). 372 more words


No Enlightened being has ever written anything. ..

It is one of the most strange coincidences that Gautam Buddha and Mahavira both revolted against the knowledgeable, the learned, the scholarly, the brahmins, the pundits, for a single reason — that by being knowledgeable, you simply cover up your ignorance. 790 more words


Stories/Parables/Koans: Asking For Tea

There’s a story about a couple of actors who were performing a long running play. There was a scene in which the character asks for tea and on cue the audience would laugh and laugh and laugh. 325 more words


How To Become MINDFUL In Your Partnership?

MINDFULNESS requires an intentional and honest look at the connection we feel with those around us. It is only after we acknowledge the current state of our connection that we can aspire to deepen it in small ways.Here are some simple practices to help look at our relationships more mindfully: 756 more words


Atmananda 22

AN  12 Non-Existence of Objects

Before the Seeing, there is no “Seen” (drishyam) & there is no “Seen” after the Seeing.

There can be no doubt about it. 54 more words