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What does the Fall Humanity really mean?

Here in America, our thinking is deeply tied into Judeo-Christian Narratives.  The most important of these is the idea of the Fall in Genesis.  It is here that we establish that we are somehow a sinful creature, living in a sinful world, which is separated from God.  1,142 more words


My Master's Degree: An Invitation to Rebel

“As a faithful child of the Enlightenment, I must admit that just the thought of adopting a theological hermeneutic makes me nervous. However, perhaps it is time for me (and ultimately us – the Church) to embrace our rightful identities as children of promise. 1,013 more words


Bits of nostalgia.

Having lived in this world it becomes impossible to deny at some point encountering an “I love you” that was actually a goodbye

We have all tasted the kisses that whisper “I’m sorry” 58 more words


Ascended Master Message For July 30, 2014

~ Chohan of the 4th Ray of Harmony and Keeper of the White Flame of Purity has this message for you ~

Card Theme: Purification… 261 more words


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What is Embodiment # 17: Comfort Zones

The womb is a kind of maximum security prison to the fetus that is ready to be born.

In those final hours, it is a place of restriction and hence discomfort. 14 more words

The New Age of Enlightenment

The 21st century has become its own Age of Enlightenment. In my opinion the 21st is the most open time in our society even though it somewhat contradicts its self. 258 more words


Responsibilities...When Does Peace of Mind Come?

This post is inspired by a beautiful friend of mine, so many others in similar situations, and even myself from the past.

She is an amazingly strong young woman who is always giving of her heart and has  been taking care of everyone since she was a little girl and is now feeling lost, depleted, and on the verge of breaking. 879 more words

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