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composed, then read--simple yes?

Considering the enormous amount of information received by the mind from waking, until the surrender to sleep, is mind boggling. Simple processes such as visibly noting the information inscribed on the cereal box, the newspaper headlines, the label on an aspirin bottle, and the list endlessly continues; and that, without the slightest indication of the mind ever tiring, or relinquishing its processes—because it never sleeps. 89 more words

Unusual Family Residence Style Overlooking The Enormous Andes In Chile by Home Decoration and Design

Gather this notion

Overlooking expansive views of the enormous Andes and the awe-inspiring valley of Santiago, this House in Vitacura, Chile, send shivers down your spine. 35 more words

Word?!?! Enormous First Appearance

Enormous #1 came out this week (sorry for earlier error) – and is selling for $15 – $20 depending on the cover.

Enormous was published as a one-shot by image, which was previewed in one book, making it the first appearance of the title – and as the newest trend right now is the first appearance of a book as a four page preview – this book is a no brainer. 130 more words

Waking up in London and going to bed in Malaga

Good Day My Friends,

How is your world treating you? As well as mine, which is fantastic, I hope.

Every day this week I have awoken in my bed in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa, I have got up and spent a couple of  hours writing or researching class material then I have washed and dressed. 652 more words


solar water fountains outdoor Enormous Assortment as well as Big Price cut

solar water fountains outdoor Enormous Assortment as well as Big Price cut

Enormous brawl breaks out on Island Belle in the course of summer time cruise, Sunday

Massive brawl breaks out on Island Belle for the duration of summer season cruise, Sunday
At 1 point, the crowd swelled to a sea of roughly 300 men and women fighting and milling about the parking lot, prompting the entire police shift to respond and try to quell the scenario. A single officer…

Crazy About Kate Spade? There’s A Enormous New Kate Spade Outlet Store At The Vacaville Premium Outlets Now by Chic Decorations

If there had been anything like Batman’s bat signal for bargain hunters, it would be up in the sky over the Kate Spade outlet store in Vacaville, California, correct now. 41 more words