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Investing Our Faith

When we invest our faith in ETERNAL SPIRITUAL TRUTHS of The Word, it changes those temporal circumstances of our world! ~ag


Faith vs. Expectation

For surely there is an end;
and thine expectation shall not be cut off.
-Proverbs 23:18 KJV

“…faith comes first. When you read the Word, decide to believe that it is a revelation of truth. 41 more words


Writers and Bad Reviews

In the past five months I have given words of encouragements to fellow writers when they have had gotten their first bad review. I thought I would share the last one, so that I will be able to read these words of wisdom and remember that it’s okay to get the bad reviews. 210 more words

Be Careful Little Ears

I’m sure many of you may recall the song with they lyrics, “Be careful little ears what you hear.”  It is so true and it is a constant reminder how words can have such an impact on others.   173 more words

True Humility

In true humility,
we humble ourselves unto our God
and unto those whom He calls us to serve.



Why sometimes the hardest decisions are actually the best decisions...

*Whoo. Breathe.*
This is honesty at it finest- and I blog this  frankly because I think my advice can have impact on someone else’s life. 764 more words