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misguided or foolish friends

“It is sad to contemplate the number of people who think they can sing and are destined by talent and temperament for operatic careers, who have been led by misguided or foolish friends and too often by overambitious and mercenary singing masters into spending time and money on their voices in the fond hope of some day astonishing the world. 69 more words


lack real genius

“I wish to say here a word in regard to the practical significance of such nervousness. Artists who do not experience it are those who lack real genius.” 10 more words


a falsetto does not

“The voice is naturally divided into three registers—the chest, medium and head. In a man’s voice of lower quality this last is known as “falsetto,” but in the case of a tenor he may use a tone which in sound is almost falsetto, but is really a mezza voce, or half voice. 23 more words


I indulge occasionally

Though I indulge occasionally in a cigarette, I advise all singers, particularly young singers, against this practice, which can certainly not fail to have a bad effect on the delicate lining of the throat, the vocal chords and the lungs. 10 more words


August 2

Today in 2004, Eric Clapton bought a 50% share in Cordings to save the historic gentleman’s outfitters from closure

On this day in 2001, New Orleans International Airport was re-named Louis Armstrong Airport in honor of the jazz legend… 121 more words

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