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Slavery Building the Machine: The Common Core Documentary

The Common Core System of Education is”Just Another Brick in the Wall”to Dumb-Down the Next Generation ofAmericans; to Enslave them to the 1%.

ForbiddenKnowledgeTVAlexandra BruceAugust 24, 2014Let’s not kid ourselves: the Common Core system of education is “just another brick in the wall,” to dumb-down the next generation of Americans; to utterly enslave them to the 1%.SYNOPSIS”Building the Machine” introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative CCSSI and its effects on our children’s education. 166 more words


The Big Boys And Me (And God)

I’m not using YouTube anymore. They try to make you bow down with those time limits for posting and then they’re putting stuff on my activities list out of order. 183 more words

Human Potential


Listening to Ravi Zacharias on 91.5 WJYO Kingdom FM this morning: As he is speaking to people of other faiths, he tells them, “You’re confused about certain things.” 71 more words


What It Means to be Human

I have lived through the break of dawn, and the light of day,

through setting sun, and dark of night,

have scaled mountains,

and drowned in the oceans, 291 more words


Feeling Like a Slave, Part 2

Master Black praised me last week for learning and developing well in my role as a school slave — words that brought a bright smile to my face.   1,018 more words

Zarifa's Journal

Feeling Like a Slave, Part 1

“The sexual relief of a slave girl, like her clothing and her food, is also something under the total command of the master.”
 Excerpt From: Norman, John. 928 more words


Bilderberg art work - propaganda art

The following is a picture of an artwork that is reported to come from the bilderberg private art collection. To me it clearly represents the symbol of the illuminati which is the pyramid, the worship of the sun at the pinnacle and the enslavement of the whole earth flowing from the thrown. 21 more words

Prophetic Art