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I love Esmeraldas because I do not want any involvement whatsoever

“I love Esmeraldas because I do not want any involvement whatsoever. Involvement is like being stuck in a giant spider web, glued to it, waiting for the giant spider to come back and eat you, like in… 158 more words

A fishy news report brings dark sentiments to the surface

On July 28 this year, a report was released that claimed 16 members of a Japanese whaling crew were killed by orcas in the Southern Ocean. 418 more words

Announcing Marine Debris State of the Science Reports

By: Asma Mahdi

The NOAA Marine Debris Program, in partnership with the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, is undertaking an effort to assess the state of marine debris science. 82 more words

Chains Of Life.

Up until recently once again I found one of the MOST irritating situation you can get into OR even hear about.

Maybe this had never happened to you OR you know it very well and had experience it before. 472 more words