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Special Networks in Real Life is Stupid

Applying technological aspects of computer networking along with labeling it with human actions such as “poke” “endorse” “like” “follow” has brought our understandings and interpretations to a new level. 50 more words


One Year!

It’s been one year since we started this blog! So much has happened in this one year. New members, new stories and everything. So we’d like to celebrate our one year anniversary by sending out free gifts to all! 88 more words


Free For All Friday Giveaway!

Hey Readers!

I talked briefly in my previous posts about doing a giveaway for Valentines day!

Now instead of my usual Free For All Friday post I will be starting the giveaway!   99 more words

Enter Shikari "Mindsweep" Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a bit of a shaky history with Enter Shikari. I don’t have anything particularly wrong with the band, but I can’t think of anytime they’ve impressed me immensely. 327 more words

Which Founding Father Are You?

Caroline Nickerson
Sophomore, History and Chinese major

Are you a founder? A father? A Founding Father? Well, even if you aren’t right now, perhaps you can one day rise to the challenge of freeing a nation from an oppressive monarchy. 634 more words

Writer: Caroline Nickerson

Open Doors

I heard an interesting question yesterday.  Could you be happy in heaven if all your loved ones were in hell?  The question was meant to show that our faith is not solitary, but within a community.  132 more words