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Week 9: Linfox's Social Incident

Welcome to the final post in my Enterprise 2.0 series!

The focus of this post will be on the company Linfox. They are an example of a company who has experienced social misuse in the past. 1,133 more words

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Social Learning für alle? #CLC14

Unter dem Titel „Ich muss leider draußen bleiben“ habe ich in meinem letzten Post die These vertreten, dass heute bei weitem nicht alle Mitarbeiter mit Social Learning zurechtkommen würden. 675 more words


Committing Sin and Firing Kin

The final instalment…

Welcome to the final edition of Tin Frogs and Basic Blogs. Today’s topic of conversation is…ethics!

Ethics is usually that one subject covered almost every business unit which universities always manage to squeeze into their curriculum – for better and for worse (just ask any student). 2,451 more words

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Crossing the line. Boston Marathon Tragedy Blunder.

The final blog in this series; in relation to social media and enterprise 2.0. This week I was asked…
Q: Identify an example of an organisation that has accidentally or deliberately ‘misused’ social technology. 1,267 more words


Kenneth Cole's Social Blunder

Hello all and welcome back to what is my final blog post for this round of assessment for what is the end of portfolio two and assessment one, I am yet to decide if I would like to continue blogging after this assessment ends but I will make up my mind on this matter eventually at another time. 625 more words

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Week 8: Enterprise 2.0 - ROI Case Study

This post will take you through the steps needed to calculate a ROI for an organization undertaking an Enterprise 2.0 project. Measuring the ROI for this type of project can be seen as difficult mainly because of the number of intangible benefits – something that some people believe is hard to accurately measure. 1,313 more words

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HMV: You wouldn't tweet about it

In my final instalment of posting for Enterprise 2.0 I will be addressing an example of an organisation (or rather an employee) that has purposely misused social tools. 1,310 more words