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Week 7: Tesco - What are these guys doing?

This week I will be looking at the retail industry and discussing the social technologies that multinational grocery retailer Tesco have implemented and those they are yet to implement. 925 more words

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Enterprise 2.0 ROI Case Study - (TD Bank Group)

This week I was tasked with answering the following question in relation to Enterprise 2.0.

Q – Question:
Identify and discuss an ROI case example. 597 more words

Trek, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ROI

Hello all and welcome back to this week’s edition of my blog, for this week’s activity we were asked to identify and discuss a return on investment case example and then talk about what the project was about briefly and how the return of investment comes into play in the project I will also be talking about the tangible and intangible benefits of the project and the strengths and weaknesses of the return on investment approach. 744 more words

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Westfield, Yammer and ROI: You do the math

This week I will look at the return on investment (ROI) possible from the implementation of social technologies. The focus will be on Yammer (social technology tool) and its incorporation into Westfield Australia (Westfield). 1,128 more words


The World’s Best Brand in Social Media Customer Care.

You need to be on to be competitive in any kind of business, whether you’re mowing lawns or selling dresses.” – Lorrae Madge, owner and social media manager of Amaryllis Boutique.

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Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Social technology and the business…

In this day and age we use social media. Sure, ok. We all know that. We also know that companies have followed suit. 1,851 more words

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Pedalling away with Social Technologies

Hello all and welcome back to my blog after a week’s break its time to get back into the swing of things so lets get to it. 511 more words

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