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Sausage-Making: Lessons In Sales & Marketing Metrics That Matter

By David Nevas,  Principal

Every CEO knows that sales and marketing KPIs and metrics are the veins through which information flows in a business. However, the gulf between knowing you need metrics and effectively implementing them can be massive. 658 more words

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Sausage-Making: Get Some R&D Satisfaction

By Chris Sklarin, Vice President

At our recent CEO Summit “sausage-making” session focused on R&D, three Edison CEOs and “rockstars” led roundtable discussions on recommended practices for product development leadership and effectiveness. 551 more words

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Sausage-Making: 7 Pearls for Being a Buy-Side Beast

By  Gary Golding, General Partner

During our recent CEO Summit, I was fortunate to moderate three sausage-making sessions focused on making acquisitions an effective engine for company growth.     630 more words

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Building an All-Star Board that Works for You

By Michael Kopelman, General Partner

I enjoyed terrific content, best practices and networking at Edison’s CEO Summit at the Borgata Water Club last month.  Energy was high among the 90 attendees of active CEOs and “rockstars” (Edison’s nickname for executives who guided terrific exits at an Edison-backed company). 537 more words

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Sausage-Making: Owning Your Market

by Lenard Marcus, Principal

We hear from our CEOs and their teams that what they value most about Edison events are the interactive roundtable discussions. Our 2014 CEO Summit did not disappoint in this regard, as we held a series of “sausage-making” rapid-fire, 30-minute roundtables focused on key topics driven by the… 474 more words

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What It Takes to Lead & Create Billions in Market Value

by Chris Sugden, Managing Partner

At our recent Edison CEO Summit, we were very fortunate to have Tom Ebling and John Becker join me to discuss their experiences building marketing leaders and billions in market value. 1,160 more words

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