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Big Data Technology Series – Part 5

In the last three installments of the big data technology series, we looked at the historical evolution and key developments in databases, BI/DW platforms and statistical computing software.   908 more words

Big Data Technologies

Enterprise Architecture

Why an Enterprise Architecture?
The different Frameworks
Introduction to TOGAF
Tool based support

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The Enterprise Architect as Enterprise Ecologist

The increasingly complex systems nature of enterprise organizational and information technology design is creating an interesting disruption — and opportunity — for the role traditionally known as the “enterprise architect.” And it is a shift that, by its very nature, puts the very use of the term “architect” in question. 1,066 more words

what is truth and is there a single source?

One of the more frequently used phrases I hear as an Enterprise Architect is, “This is the source of truth!”  The overuse of the phrase causes me to cringe.   541 more words


Finally a business transformation book that matters!

Reading business books can at times lead to frustration and disappointment. You often buy a bestseller that fails to hit the spot or a tome that goes off in multiple tangents and loses its meaning. 363 more words

The Lambda Architecture for Big Data in your Enterprise

I will present in this blog post the Lambda architecture for Big Data. This architecture is about integrating historical Big Data with “live” streaming Big Data. 1,879 more words

Emerging Trends

A Day in the life of an Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architecture has grown from being just a set of small pilots to being a fully sponsored and supported initiative within enterprises. With the growing demands to reduce costs, increase agility, and standardize IT environments, there has been a surge of enterprise architecture activity. 330 more words

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