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Solution and Business Architecture - The Way Ahead

As both business and solution architecture mature, we are seeing more and more questions come up about how to integrate these often confused disciplines and roles. 932 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Management Business - Top Tips To Help You Succeed

Managing your business reputation effectively is easier said than done. It just takes one bad review from a disgruntled customer to tarnish your company’s reputation. When that happens, you must know how to carry out damage control. 489 more words

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Structure in Threes: Budgeting and Planning -observations and muses

The beatings will continue until moral improves, or so goes the typical planning cycle each year.  Although being an observer of the process in many enterprises for 30 years and a unwilling participant at times, I would classify these activities as anything but planning.  378 more words

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Which System?

As a follow on from my post on reference architecture you can start to look at what system(s) deliver these functions. Most often there are multiple systems that deliver a certain function within an organisation. 449 more words


Reducing IT Operating Costs Is Crucial to Your Business

If you want to reduce your IT operating costs, one of the most effective options available is to proficiently manage the application portfolio. Organisations typically acquire a software, which is put into a production environment and which is kept running until it becomes legacy, or until the business suffers from its lack of flexibility. 595 more words


Microsoft enterprise strategy as a consulting practice

One of the initiatives that I’ve had the pleasure (now for a couple of years) to be a part of has been the work we’ve defined at Microsoft around working with large customers’ IT groups and business units, specifically around planning, architecture and value realization. 10 more words


Structure in Threes: Capacity Planning and Security Models

Started researching capacity planning materials to develop an approach towards enterprise capacity planning.  Neither IT nor Manufacturing/Supply Chain models seem adequate for the job.  Also started researching security/threat models: Microsoft’s STRIDE and old work from years ago on DoD Spectrum Series (Orange Book).  36 more words

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