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Structure in Threes: Capacity Planning and Security Models

Started researching capacity planning materials to develop an approach towards enterprise capacity planning.  Neither IT nor Manufacturing/Supply Chain models seem adequate for the job.  Also started researching security/threat models: Microsoft’s STRIDE and old work from years ago on DoD Spectrum Series (Orange Book).  36 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Certifications Distilled

Year after year I am finding that Enterprise Architecture certifications are becoming more important to architects. Back in 2007, I remember reading an article from  773 more words


Managing Your Reputation: What You Should Know

As any experienced businessperson will attest, reputation management is one of the most vital skills a new entrepreneur can acquire. Knowing how to shape the way you are perceived is vital to long-lasting success. 505 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Waterfalls don't exist...

“We use the waterfall methodology”. You can literally see the scorn on the developer’s face. No one wants to use the waterfall methodology. Except if you are a project manager, of course. 485 more words

Enterprise Architecture

More on business models and operating models

I recently came across Deloitte’s framework for business models and operating models (see exhibit below).   I was quite taken by the framework and began to think about what it is missing and why or whether… 536 more words

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I Wouldn't Start From Here If I Were You

“The Leadership Team at (insert name of organisation here) are good at setting the vision, the destination.”

But, how many are good at factoring in the starting point of the journey? 571 more words

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5 tips to win the data battle

Data is a tough world. Here are 5 things I have found make a difference

1. Concentrate your efforts initially on in flight projects, build respect for your work, get buy-in for the future… 59 more words

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