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Commentary: A Toad-Eater


An editor describes a common creature.

I am not at all surprised that a countryman, who generally lives upon the fruit of his labour, and breathes the sweet air of real independence, should not understand what a Toad-eater means. 346 more words

Western Thought

Monthly Man Crush: November

When he first came on to the scene under the spotlight of Taylor Swift, I didn’t pay much attention to Ed Sheeran.  I just thought ol’ Swifty was trying to promote another artist, take him on tour and make him a star.  241 more words


Born Above the Kitchen

by Sally Gomez

I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, a bit different from most of my friends.  My parents owned and operated a small hotel called Spruce Mountain House in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.  1,121 more words


The MockingJay Sings

I wish more actors would talk about their roles in this way.  Motives and plot, it’s just that easy. No wonder this girl has one Oscar under her belt.   26 more words


The Other Sister

We all know Beyonce is Queen, but I think it’s high time we pay homage to Princess Solange.  She may not have multiple hits on the charts, but she knows how to capture the spotlight.  233 more words


Bret and His New Babe

I love me some odd couples.  The stranger, the better.  There was a time when I thought no pairing could top Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s bizarre brownie-baking adventure.  233 more words



Entertainment is a major priority in life.

Anything with a nervous system yearns to have fun.

Animals don’t smile with their faces but who can mistake the joy of the family dog when the family comes home for the evening or the purr of a kitten or the baby who has learned to laugh. 161 more words