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Learning to be human beings again

It was the cover story in Time a short while ago. Being “mindful.” “Present in the moment” is what they used to call it. In our stressed out, multi-tasking society, where there is no “downtime” and no ability to pause and reflect, people are actually running seminars and retreats now where for a fixed number of days people leave their smartphones and Internet behind and learn how to talk only to the person in front of them and pay attention to the taste of food while chewing it. 953 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw


I don’t like banner ads any more than you probably do. That’s why I’m so irate about their abrupt appearance on this blog. Some time ago, video ads started appearing at the bottom, and, after inserting a clear spacer to distance it from my content, I was okay with this. 325 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Guarding Emma Watson's body

Even Harry Potter can’t protect her.

Superstar Emma Watson never goes anywhere these days without a bodyguard nearby, even out for a jog or to eat with a friend. 624 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

The foot, the mouth and Gwyneth Paltrow

She’s been in the news more than just about anyone else this past week, but probably for reasons she doesn’t like.

Gwyneth Paltrow, self-anointed guru of … practically anything … saw her GOOP website crash when she posted that she and rocker-husband Chris Martin are divorcing. 824 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

The yacht club

Mick Jagger reportedly said that while money can’t buy happiness, it can buy the yacht to pull up right next to it.

I wonder if Mick’s rethinking that this week, after the suicide of girlfriend L’Wren Scott. 556 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Finishing the Hat

It’s a remarkable song. Everyone should listen to it.

(For that matter it’s from a remarkable musical, one of the most unique ever written, and anyone who cares about art or the artistic process should see or hear it.) 248 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Hello from your favorite celebrity

How would you like to have Snoop Dogg say hello for you on your answering machine?

Or send your friends a celebrity greeting from Kendall Jenner? 586 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw