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The Fightin' Side O' Me (Merle Haggard Video)

One youtube commenter had this to say:

This song was made for all of us who were born here unlike the assholes that are sucking us dry here in the Good Ole USA that always refer to their country instead of being an American.

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Jenny Slate.

Let’s talk about Jenny Slate, the star of Obvious Child, SNL alumna, and excellent comedian in general.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. 517 more words


Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee, the zestful, charismatic Washington Post editor who guided the paper through the era of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate has died. FULL STORY

Clandestine Ops

Golden Ticket

YouTubers are proof that dreams really can come true! It’s not uncommon to see the people in viral YouTube videos on talk shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few weeks after the video gained popularity. 354 more words

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The Economics of Piracy

Since the advent of the Internet, companies in the entertainment industry have argued that piracy has hurt the entertainment industry because users are not paying for the content they watch. 223 more words

How did they KNOW that?

A recent trend in the advertising industry is the use of “targeted” advertising. This can be done a number of ways but the most common is through the use of cookies, a piece of data sent from a website to the user’s browser. 318 more words

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Turns out, it isn't all about that bass.

Millennials always need to be doing/listening/tweeting/instagramming something, so it’s no surprise that only about 25% of the people that I pass on my college campus  338 more words

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