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MMP Unit 3

Entertainment & Media: France

The entertainment and media culture in France portraits a strong global characterization that world-widely seems to be familiar with its fashion culture, the work of its architecture beauty, the art of photography and the classy caf├ęs when people visit that surely must be shared, at least technologically for people all around the world to see, and surely it has. 630 more words

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Comedic Media Relief

This clever comic depicts the idea of Chinese media censorship and the real issues they have with this concept.

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The Movie Industry

The movie industry is very similar to that of the United States; in this picture you can easily pick out the title of the movie and the supporting actors due to your prior knowledge of how movie posters look in the states. 18 more words

Entertainment & Media

China "Democratised" by the Internet [video]


With over 560 million Chinese users on the internet, this interesting video dives into the ideologies of China being “democratised” by the internet. However, it is never that simple when you have a more Authoritarian government.

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Media Expansion [video]

This video is a small news slip explaining how the development of Chinese media has grown exponentially in the last decade. The country its self is slowly moving into the mainstream in international media.

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The Chinese E-Target

This rather interesting photo is a visual example of the most popular uses for each type of communication on the internet, including social networking, search engines, photo sharing, and several others.

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