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Playboy Sued Irish Website Over Kate Moss's Images, Similar Actions Taken In USA

Playboy Entertainment filed a lawsuit in an Irish Court against Irish-based Entertainment Media Networks, over images of supermodel Kate Moss.  Playboy claims a link to the images, which were featured in the magazines’s 60th anniversary edition, was published on the website entertainment.ie the week prior to the magazine hitting top shelves. 524 more words

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Book Review: Monster Hunter International

So, I finally got around to purchasing and reading Monster Hunter International, which is all the Patriarchy’s fault.

Truth: I skimmed past the detailed and loving descriptions of firearms, but for a series which sells on the gun-nut angle there was a lot less of that than I was expecting. 150 more words



Going into the holiday season, some have called for boycotting certain games or developers. I don’t think that this is a good idea, for a couple reasons: without media amplification, a call to boycott is probably not going to reach enough people to have a significant impact; we should use alternative means to get our message across that will be more effective – and we  402 more words

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Pardon My Dust

As the former producer for the Hoppe & SuperRich show, I was saddened recently to find out the show was coming to an end due to the fact that… 181 more words


Propaganda in action

One of the most interesting things about the GamerGate kerfluffle is that it provides real-time examples of many of the propaganda techniques used by the “Social Justice Warrior” set to shut down criticism. 1,390 more words

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Why I support GamerGate

Why would I support GamerGate, when I’m not a games enthusiast myself? I’m a very casual gamer; I don’t obsess over each new release or go piling up a virtual shopping cart of games on Steam every time there’s a sale. 566 more words

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Twitter is addictive

Oooh, it’s terrible. Somebody save me, I can feel my attention span atrophying already. >_>

Actually I think the major problem is that I followed Instapundit, and then was inevitably crushed under the massive pipeline of CONTENT, most of which I’m not actually all that interested in. 114 more words