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Talking about Prospero's Daughter

The author of the Prospero’s Daughter trilogy – which I recommend! – talks a bit about writing a character with a disability. H/T John Wright


Reading lists

An amusing post details what it’s like at the meetings of the Evil League of Evil

And I am WAY behind on my reading list. 186 more words


Movie Studios: Downloads Are Up, DVD Sales Are Down

An entertainment industry group says that Americans are spending slightly less on watching moving pictures in our living rooms overall, but part of that is a change in how we buy and consume media, and not necessarily that we’re watching fewer movies and TV programs. 338 more words


Legend of Korra

The Zeitgeist must be on a roll – what comes up in Interesting Internet Happenings but another discussion about a Nickelodeon television show? Now, I watched all of season 1 of LoK, and quite honestly wasn’t that impressed. 237 more words

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Another Year, Another Merry Christmas!

Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to drop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! It is a busy time for all of us, and although I have not been able to generate as much content as I would like, I could not just let the holidays go by without sending my best wishes out to all of my wonderful readers. 144 more words

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Let the demons out

Via Insty, an article about ditching cable TV for streaming services: “paying Comcast $150 a month for an ocean of awful reality TV programs and infomercials is going to seem as backward to them as drilling holes in the heads of the mentally ill to let the demons out.” 327 more words

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Playboy Sued Irish Website Over Kate Moss's Images, Similar Actions Taken In USA

Playboy Entertainment filed a lawsuit in an Irish Court against Irish-based Entertainment Media Networks, over images of supermodel Kate Moss.  Playboy claims a link to the images, which were featured in the magazines’s 60th anniversary edition, was published on the website entertainment.ie the week prior to the magazine hitting top shelves. 524 more words

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