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As above, so below

My first impression when I first heard of the film (before the trailer probably when it was in pre-production), I thought it must  be a story on Witches as after a spell that is a common thing to say. 320 more words


Stand Up To Cancer: The Movement

Here is my latest article for The Huffington Post and the direct link to it on their site.


What would you do with a stage three-cancer diagnosis? 885 more words


The love of iphone

Back in 2007 Apple paved the way for all the smartphones we have today, and since then has pretty much released a newer version of that smart little computer/map/music player/camera/phone we call an iphone, almost year after year. 744 more words


Geek iPhone Cases

Seeing these geek iPhone cases makes me want to own more than one phone; just to model a variety of these cool cases!

Yea, i could just buy more than one case and swap it out each day, but changing iPhone cases are a hassle (my case is on my phone like Venom on Spider-Man). 106 more words

Video Games

Toilet paper roll 101: Dad teaches teens life-lesson on social media

It is a simple task, that can be frustrating when it is not done.

One British dad went to YouTube to explain to his teenagers how to replace a toilet paper roll. 61 more words


Question Of The Day: September 2, 2014

Q: Women admit they do this 100 times a year. What is it?

216-578-0104 to win!