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Celebrities Celebrate Halloween: The Tweets You Need to Read

Your hosts picked their favorite costumes from our studio audience! #WhoopiCushion #WolfOfWallStreet #EnchantedView pic.twitter.com/TfUnPfpgrJ

— The View (@theviewtv) October 31, 2014

Swiped this outfit from my Bongo shoot.

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Childhood Disney stars begin to enter adulthood

As the first “Disney generation” begins to grow from their child star image to the adaptation of today’s pop-culture, the standards for men and woman contrast immensely. 466 more words


Party Planning Tips and Worksheets

Here are my tips that I have learned through failures and successes. The most important thing to remember is the ONLY GOAL when having a party is to MAKE MEMORIES WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. 349 more words


Watch This Talented Girl Perform An Acoustic Version Of Thriller

Probably one of the most played songs around the world today, Thriller is amazing!

This girl does an awesome job at singing with an acoustic version


Exploring Some More Halloween Movie Picks

We continue looking at some more Halloween inspired movie selections. Luckily, I had some better results this time! Below are some quick reactions to three more films that you might enjoy this time of year. 780 more words


The Stories We Hear

In The Stories We Tell, Mike Cosper argues that we are made to hear and tell stories, namely because God is the ultimate Storyteller. All movies, television shows, and novels are mere shadows of the greatest and truest story of all: the story of God (Creation – Fall – Rescue – Restoration). 212 more words

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