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Three Definitions of Polemicist



  1. One who, containing an excess of shit, is compelled to discharge some quantity of it by mouth.
  2. One who traffics in human weakness — his own, first and foremost.
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On Literature and Empathy: An Illustrative Example

A recent study shows that literary fiction improves the reader’s capacity for empathy. Speaking anecdotally, I see considerable merit in these findings. Having read Joyce’s… 15 more words


A Problem of History

History, whether attempting to account for the masses or merely a privileged few, remains flawed insofar as it’s a record only of exertions — precisely the sort of behavior a reasonable person makes a point of avoiding. 35 more words


Vocation, Fall 2014

I’ve known for years that I’m drawn to stories. I believe in stories. I grew up with a dearth of stories, and so I am story-hungry almost all the time. 469 more words

Apostle Paul

Against Wellbeing

It’s best to avoid an excess of physical wellbeing — to cultivate an ache or some other sort of mild discomfort to which one can reliably turn. 25 more words


On Publishing a Book, The Main Effect of It

The main effect of publishing a book is that it allows the author an opportunity to be ignored publicly — instead of just around the house, like usual.


On Writer's Block, Its Place Among All Extant Infirmities

An author of some repute, indulging in characteristic hyperbole, has suggested that there’s nothing more frightening than a blank page. One is forced to assume, in this case, that he’s unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of that condition known as necrotizing fasciitis.