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Brief Reflection on a Preschooler

This child’s sense of wonder is infectious, and also so are his scabies.


Regarding the Critic, His Problem

The problem with the critic is that, after drinking the blood of Christ, his inclination is merely to offer a taste profile.


Enthusiasms Forever

If you have the absolute pleasure of knowing me in real life, you will know that I am singlehandedly bringing back the Jesse McCartney fandom. 526 more words


Exercise vs. Intercourse: One Distinction

Exercise is the sort of endeavor one is glad to have performed in the past — rather, that is, than to be performing at the moment. 7 more words


The 17 Necessary Conditions for a Good Life, According to Martial

In the 47th epigram of his 10th book, first century Roman poet Martial supplies the 17 necessary conditions for a good life, as follow.

  1. Inherited wealth, as opposed to that produced by an actual job.
  2. 110 more words

Regarding Wine, Where the Author Has Consumed It

Yesterday, I drank wine on a train. Today, I’m drinking it under an umbrella. Tomorrow, I’ll drink wine someplace else. I don’t know where I’ll drink; … 9 more words


Regarding Wine and Poetry, Three Notable Differences

Baudelaire recommends always to be drunk — on wine, for instance, or poetry. I consume much of the former — and would much of the latter, as well, were there more palatable examples of it. 56 more words