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On History, By Whom It's Actually Written

History isn’t actually written by the victors. It’s merely related by the victors to their timid subordinates, who then perform the tedious work of rendering it into print.


On Weather, Its Lamentable Relationship to the Author's Mood

Embarrassing, the degree to which my mood is affected by the weather — but useful, too, as a reminder that I continue to be infested with banality.


On Perfect Knowledge of the Future, Who Has It

Does God have perfect knowledge of my future? The question is immense — immense and irrelevant. I, myself, have perfect knowledge of my future — a lot like the present, it is, just with greater quantities of fatigue.


On Policing Oneself, An Example

I don’t require the existence of a Stasi or KGB to surreptitiously monitor my behavior: I spy on myself sufficiently well.


Three Definitions of Polemicist



  1. One who, containing an excess of shit, is compelled to discharge some quantity of it by mouth.
  2. One who traffics in human weakness — his own, first and foremost.
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On Literature and Empathy: An Illustrative Example

A recent study shows that literary fiction improves the reader’s capacity for empathy. Speaking anecdotally, I see considerable merit in these findings. Having read Joyce’s… 15 more words


A Problem of History

History, whether attempting to account for the masses or merely a privileged few, remains flawed insofar as it’s a record only of exertions — precisely the sort of behavior a reasonable person makes a point of avoiding. 35 more words