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Borscht Belt Joke for a Comedienne

I feel bad for my husband. They say you should find something you love to do, and then do it for the rest of your life. 24 more words


On the Virtues of a Tired Parent as Conversationalist

With few exceptions, the best interlocutor is a parent whose infant child has refused to nap that day. In him or her, one finds an individual who has abandoned all tolerance for idle pleasantries, who’s uniquely situated to regard life as a privilege and punishment simultaneously.


Concerning Novels, The Relief of Never Having Written One

There are novels in which I take considerable pleasure and yet am relieved not to have written myself, owing both to the tedious efforts they’ve so clearly necessitated, and also to what it would reveal about me — namely, that I’m capable of enduring such tedium.


Self-Portrait with Considerable Loathing

“I’m truly alive only when contemplating death,” I found myself thinking one moment recently. What I felt the next moment, though, was shame — shame for having temporarily impressed myself by means of such a sickeningly ordinary and portentous turn of phrase.


Regarding a Work of Absolute Non-Fiction, The Impossibility of Its Existence

The notion that a work of unadulterated non-fiction can’t exist — it’s compelling, this. Like most notions, though, it’s a compelling only for about two or three sentences. 13 more words


On the Hazards of Dayn Perry's Oeuvre

“A book is a postponed suicide,” writes Emil Cioran in The Trouble with Being Born. For the author, yes, perhaps it is. For the… 22 more words


Regarding the Spittoon, Its Likely Ties to Morality

Man lost his humanity at approximately that same point in history as cuspidors were becoming less common in saloons and other public spaces. A case of correlation, this, or causation? 36 more words