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Against So-Called Storytellers

I’m wary of anyone who describes himself as a storyteller. Like a colonial power, he exploits a natural resource — in this case, the inconsequential events which compose life itself — to an end he mistakenly and fiercely regards as virtuous.


Regarding the Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios, The Author's Inability to Understand Them

My inability to conceive of the best-case scenario is a product of limited reason; the worst-case scenario, of limited imagination.


On Jorie Graham: Three Sentences

The writers of Two and a Half Men and the aesthetic disciples of Jorie Graham, while probably unfamiliar with each other’s work, both traffic in the same vocation — namely, as Purveyors of Tedium. 74 more words


Brief Reflection on a Preschooler

This child’s sense of wonder is infectious, and also so are his scabies.


Regarding the Critic, His Problem

The problem with the critic is that, after drinking the blood of Christ, his inclination is merely to offer a taste profile.


Enthusiasms Forever

If you have the absolute pleasure of knowing me in real life, you will know that I am singlehandedly bringing back the Jesse McCartney fandom. 526 more words


Exercise vs. Intercourse: One Distinction

Exercise is the sort of endeavor one is glad to have performed in the past — rather, that is, than to be performing at the moment. 7 more words