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Second Level Cache Alpha 2 Available

About a week ago I published on NuGet the Alpha-2 version of the EFCache. It does not contain a whole lot of new things. In fact it contains just one change – a fix to a… 125 more words

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Asynchronous Processing in EF6 and .NET 4.5

Courtesy Peter Vogel, VisualStudioMagazine.com

There’s one feature of Entity Framework (EF) 6 that’s only available in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later: asynchronous processing. In this column, I’m going to look at some typical scenarios where you can use EF asynchronous processing and show how you might use it. 266 more words


Support for Store Functions (TVFs and Stored Procs) in Code First (Entity Framework 6.1)

Until Entity Framework 6.1 was released store functions (i.e. Table Valued Functions and Stored Procedures) could be used in EF only when doing Database First. There were some workarounds which made it possible to invoke store functions in Code First apps but you still could not use TVFs in Linq queries which was one of the biggest limitations. 2,157 more words

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Web API File Upload with MS SQL SERVER FileTable

This article demonstates how the setup a file upload using Web API and save it to a MS SQL Server database using a FileTable. Because a FileTable is used, the files can be saved directly to the database, without creating an extra stream. 1,401 more words


EF6.1 Mapping Between Types & Tables

A while back I blogged about how to find what table(s) a given entity is mapped to. The solution in that post worked around the fact that the API for accessing this information was internal. 701 more words

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Code-First with EF and N:M Relationship with more information in your relation-table


a few days ago I faced the problem of having a normal N:M Relationship in EF with additional information in the table which keeps the two entities together. 495 more words