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Entity Framework EDMX format is dead

Entity Framework is great. It allows parallelism. Application developer no longer needs to wait for the DB guy to design and implement a bunch of tables and stored procedures… 211 more words

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MVC CRUD with Elasticsearch child, parent documents

This article demonstrates how to search for data in Elasticsearch using parent and child documents. The documents are all saved inside the same index and the child documents are saved on the same shard using the parent id as the routing. 1,786 more words


Entity Framework, Oracle and Identiity Column

I am using Entitiy Framework with Oracle and I use sequences when I need autogenerated primary key columns. When I create the edmx file EF designer doesn’t recognize this pattern so I need to insert StoreGeneratedPattern=”Identity” to the edmx file manually for all the identitiy columns. 75 more words


Tip: While Updating Edmx file

While creating a get procedure that returns data from a temp table, before adding it to the edmx, we need to alter the procedure with the command SET FMTONLY OFF as the first line of the procedure. 19 more words


EF6.1–Workaround Trailing Blanks Issue in String Joins

A semi-common issue that folks hit with Entity Framework is that the in-memory semantics for “relationship fixup” are different than how SQL Server performs joins with regard to trailing spaces in strings. 872 more words

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The final version of the Store Functions for EntityFramework 6.1.1+ Code First convention released

Today I posted the final version of the Store Functions for Entity Framework Code First convention to NuGet. The instructions for downloading and installing the latest version of the package to your project are as described in my earlier… 539 more words

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Table Per Type(TPT) in Entity Framework Code First

In my previous post we discussed about Table Per Hierarchy(TPH) which contains all the types for a hierarchy in a single table.

In this post, we will explore Table Per Type(TPT). 394 more words