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Bee Dance Language - the linguistics behind animal...

Bee Dance Language – the linguistics behind animal communication

Bees dance to talk to their hive. How do they do it?

Come look at one of nature’s linguistic wonders: the bee waggle dance.

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Ants: Super Soldiers Take a microscopic look at an army of tiny...

Ants: Super Soldiers

Take a microscopic look at an army of tiny but ruthless creatures: ants. Chemical warfare and aggressive military-style strategies help them accomplish their one mission in life: ensure the survival of the colony at all costs.

By: Earth Touch.

Cactus beetle redux!

On my most recent Great Plains collecting tripcactus dodger cicadas weren’t the only residents of the cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia imbricata) that studded the open grasslands in southeastern Colorado—cactus beetles ( 479 more words


Insect Pinning...

Recently I’ve been gaining some experience in pinning and setting insects from the Entomology collection.

I was given specimens stored in ethanol which had been collected between May & July earlier this year, from different provinces in Vietnam. 194 more words

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Where else to find a tree cricket but on a tree?

You’ve recently seen pictures from the park behind the Arboretum on November 30 showing flameleaf sumacs (Rhus lanceolata) with their colorful fall foliage. When I’d gotten back near my car I stopped to look at another flameleaf sumac that wasn’t as attractive as the other two but that rewarded my attention with the presence of an insect on one of the tree’s clusters of drupes. 155 more words

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'Talk English'...

Last week I went along and helped with a session which was delivered in The Museum called ‘Talk English’.

The session is aimed at members of surrounding communities who’s first language isn’t English. 108 more words

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