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Why, hello, Jiminy Cricket! How are you?

What’s that? You have a story to tell us? Please do, Mr. Cricket!

*Puts on footie pajamas and pops the popcorn.* 420 more words

How to mail ants

I know you’ve been wondering how to send ants through the mail — something our underfunded education system never taught you how to do!

Kieran and I… 352 more words

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Random Insect: Darkling beetle

Darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) make up a large and diverse group of insects, with over 1000 known species in North America alone. Over 20,000 are known throughout the world, and species vary considerably in appearance. 166 more words


Superhero qualities of the creepy crawly

Spiderman and Iron Man aren’t the only guys with superhero qualities.  Some insects, spiders and other creatures also have some pretty cool abilities.

So, what were your guesses? 920 more words

Entomology Blog

The Wasp

I wandered lonely as a wasp, who cannot find her feet
For every time she tries to land upon a tasty treat,
Waving hands and tempers flared, thwart her simple plan; 11 more words

Beetle Flight Findings May Help Walnut Trees

UC Davis entomologist research shows environmental conditions influence behavior of walnut twig beetle.
August 29, 2014
By Pat Bailey
University of California, Davis

New research from entomologists affiliated with the University of California, Davis, shows how environmental conditions influence the seasonal flight behavior of the walnut twig beetle, which spreads a deadly fungal disease in black walnut and other walnut trees. 508 more words


Detailed Images Aid Studies of Beneficial Wasps

At ARS News

By Jan Suszkiw

Using specialized digital photography methods, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are producing high-resolution images of members of the wasp superfamily… 298 more words