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Lives of the Monster Insects

There are a lot of  Mothra-sized creepy crawlies in Nepal. Many of them seemed to end up in my room, or tried to. 568 more words

Meet the lab: Crystal Ernst

This is the first in a series of posts where each Arthropod Ecology lab member can introduce themselves. First up is PhD student Crystal Ernst… 753 more words

Laboratory News

Hi Insect

So here’s a weird insect that I encountered near my house and I was a bit spooked out because I have not seen anything quite like it before: 6 more words


Toad Bug Jam

Yesterday while listening to some Desmond Dekker and Alton Ellis, I finally got to print the Gelastocoris piece! There would have been a series of 12 in the edition, but unfortunately I may or may not..have messed up the registration!!!! 156 more words

Bats: Friend Or Foe? The Myths Vs Facts Of A Misunderstood Species

An unfortunate reality of pest control is the need to trap and remove nuisance wildlife. Often there is a delicate balance between satisfying the needs of the customer and also protecting the environment and supporting animal welfare. 839 more words

Problem with Bugs on your Tomatoes?

Looking over the search history on my blog it seems you have some questions!  One that I encountered was from someone worried about their tomatoes.  I love tomatoes so I am more than happy to assist. 565 more words


Introducing, my Spiny Leaf Insects!

Hi everyone!  I am SO excited to introduce you all to our three new family members!


What are these beautiful, crazy-looking creatures, you ask? 396 more words

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