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Super Gross Fact - Parasite Eats Fish Tongues to Take Their Place

Today I learned an absolutely awesome fact. There is a parasite out there that infects certain fish that has the strangest life game plan. After infiltrating the fish through the gills, it proceeds to kill off the fish’s tongue by cutting off the blood supply. 114 more words


Insect fever

Just one enthusiast can make things happen, and get other people interested in something they’d hardly considered before.

Entomologist Richard Glatz has Kangaroo Islanders looking for and reporting insect sightings across the island. 496 more words

Kangaroo Island

Winter in Summerland: rare insect #1

While hiking the Kettle Valley Railway trail by Naramata I found a rare insect: a Grylloblattidae, or rock crawler. These insects are considered extremophiles, and are primarily found on ice and in both high latitudes and altitudes. 32 more words


Burnt Bee

Yesterday was a rather dreary day. It was quite cold and instead of the constant rain turning into pretty snow, it continued to precipitate as rain. 404 more words


Yellow Fever: Part 4


During many of the severe, early Yellow Fever outbreaks people were blindly fighting a mysterious enemy. Quarantines and city-wide cleanups were attempted, but no one knew the cause of the disease or how it spread. 624 more words


A Cancer

Hello again, Molly.

Still no word from you, but my friends who are “wise” in the ways of the web tell me it will take a lot more than two or three posts for this all to work out–and  391 more words

Haunted Houses

What Gives Chrysina Beetles their Metallic Appearance?

This morning, I stumbled across this fantastic photograph from Thomas Shahan (@ThomasShahan) that was produced for the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  It shows the same  770 more words

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