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Managing Late Season Black Aphids

Pecans are still the nut sizing period and will likely be through mid-August. Aphids have been strong with dry weather, and sprays have also led to increase in mite populations. 244 more words


Aphids, ants, ladybugs, and wasps! Oh my!

We have a strange phenomenon occurring in our backyard. It started a few weeks ago when I noticed a pair of wasps engaged in a death match on our deck in the back yard. 410 more words

Random Insect: Ichneumon wasp

There are perhaps 60,000 to 100,000 species of Ichneumon wasps (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) throughout the world, and these abundant insects can be found almost anywhere. 196 more words


Questionable Decisions

Me: “I’m not really sure what kind of beetle this is. I’ve honestly never seen one before… It’s got this little mandibles that–“

Student: “ 188 more words

Environmental Education

Chinch Bugs In St. Augustine

In between checking fields, I look at many lawn related issues in Thomasville. Shortly after our drought spell, we were seeing cetipedegrass die out in some areas. 155 more words