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Beetle Flight Findings May Help Walnut Trees

UC Davis entomologist research shows environmental conditions influence behavior of walnut twig beetle.
August 29, 2014
By Pat Bailey
University of California, Davis

New research from entomologists affiliated with the University of California, Davis, shows how environmental conditions influence the seasonal flight behavior of the walnut twig beetle, which spreads a deadly fungal disease in black walnut and other walnut trees. 508 more words


Detailed Images Aid Studies of Beneficial Wasps

At ARS News

By Jan Suszkiw

Using specialized digital photography methods, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are producing high-resolution images of members of the wasp superfamily… 298 more words


Southern armyworm feeding on soybean

Here is another animated gif that I made recently, this one showing a late-instar larva of southern armyworm (Spodoptera eridania) feeding on soybean ( 418 more words


White Sugarcane Aphids

We were looking at sorghum yesterday and saw many, many aphids with a lot of honeydew on the lower leaves. Some sorghum is not producing heads just yet. 536 more words


Soybean Caterpillars

Don Vick and I looked a quite a few cotton, peanut and soybean fields yesterday. We observed the most insect pressure in soybeans. This field is around R5, beginning seed stage. 129 more words


Preserving Natural Beauty

Monarch butterflies are becoming such a rarity around our area. However when I do sight them, I observe them flying gracefully through the air in very secluded, grassy areas of nature. 189 more words

Preserving Butterflies At Home

Cotton Harlequin Bug

Just a quick post to share some pictures I was able to get of some of the beautiful Cotton Harlequin bugs that are so abundant lately.

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