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At an Intersection of Art and Science

Perhaps it is simply best to say click the link, or even the picture above.

Suffice to say, what you are looking at is not a real photograph of a real organism, but, rather, a real photograph of a real model created using 3D printing technology. 58 more words


Damon diadema Caresheet

Disclaimer: This was not meant to be a copy-and-paste kind of caresheet that comes from doing minimal research online. This caresheet is the result of successfully owning this species for years, and reading up on them throughout that time.

1,995 more words

North America's Most Beautiful Agrilus Jewel Beetle

For the past few years I’ve spent the summers traveling once a month or so from my home near St. Louis to research plots in western Tennessee. 785 more words


This is not a real centipede ...

It may look like a centipede, but this is actually a baked treat! Visit the creator’s blog and read the article here.


Encyclopedia of Insects

This is a link to the digital format of the Encyclopedia of Insects, published in 2003. Enjoy!


The first recorded case to use forensic entomology

Forensic Entomology – the study of insects and other crawly beasties in criminal cases – has gained a lot of recognition in recent decades.It is a useful science and can (for instance) be used in cases of unexplained death to date the age of a cadaver. 182 more words


Random Insect: Waved sphinx

Like most other sphinx moths, the waved sphinx (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae: Ceratomia undulosa) is a rather large insect. The individual shown here was about two inches (50 mm) in length, and wingspans typically reach 3-4 inches (76-102 mm). 137 more words