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So, what was it?

Okay, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. I had a few guesses, some wrong, a couple right.

So, what was it?

This white foamy substance is the ‘spittle’ (also known as cuckoo-spit) of the nymph of the aptly name Spittlebug (Family Aphrophoridae-Order Hemiptera) 149 more words

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Day 273

Found this guy reppin’ Orthoptera on my balcony.

Daily Photo

Scouting For Stink Bugs In Early Soybeans

Early planted soybeans are progressing and looking good. Some varieties are drying down and some have already been harvested. These soybeans are progressing at R6 (Full Seed)growth stage now. 301 more words


Giveaway Reminder!

Hey all, really quick post (before a follow-up later) to remind everyone about the September giveaway.

To catch you up, you must be a follower of the blog (by email or as a WordPress blogger) to be eligible. 77 more words

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Random Insect: Caddisfly

Caddisflies (order Trichoptera) are often mistaken for moths (Lepidoptera) because they share a number of similarities. Like some moths, caddisflies hold their wings tent-like over their abdomens when at rest. 243 more words


Monarch Custom Frame

A frame I made as a request from someone. The background is drawn out of only black and red pen. The species is Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus (see previous post for more information on them). 27 more words


Do you know what really bugs me, insect puns. But seriously, you should have a lot of respect for all of those not-so-creepy crawlies.

Before I started my degree I had a really limited knowledge of all things insect, and thought they were all out to get me. However, after very persistent and passionate lecturers I now have a huge respect for all things entomology. 918 more words