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Both sides of the same coin

August salon really got our brains humming! Jesse‘s thoughtful documentary about raising (and eating) Mangalitsa pigs was a rare treat.

Adorable, right?

It inspired me to simultaneously eat less and better meat, ironically to the exclusion of pork products. 414 more words

Why Eat Bugs #8: Great For Gatherings!

I hosted my first “bug night” to test whether edible bugs are a good addition to a social gathering.

I invited over a small group of four friends who were game, and one very supportive girlfriend. 514 more words

Why Eat Bugs

Why Eat Bugs #6: No Mad Mealworm Disease

Do you ever think about the young dance instructor who is now paralyzed after eating an E. coli-tainted hamburger?

I do. Habitually. I think about her every time I am about to handle any raw beef, chicken, or pork. 598 more words

My Life's Adventure

Why Eat Bugs #5: Apocalypse-Avoidance

In Daniella Martin’s hip treatise for eating bugs, Edible, she imagines a fantasy fast food restaurant where in addition to what you order, you also get the by-products of what it took to make your order. 535 more words

Why Eat Bugs

It’s time to announce our first Catalyst Centre winner of 2014!

Keen readers will be waiting with baited breath to find out about the 2014 winners of the Catalyst Centre. Well, it’s time to put you out of your misery. 959 more words

Natural Habitat Farming of Grasshoppers

There are grasshoppers everywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. You see them during the day as they jump away from as you go about your business. 357 more words

Chapul Wins the NEXTY, Continues to Turn Heads

Congratulations to Pat Crowley and Chapul, makers of cricket flour protein bars, for winning the NEXTY Editor’s Choice Award- Food and Beverage!  This award officially recognizes Chapul as being at the forefront of trends in sustainability and nutrition, and means that Pat Crowley and his delectable cricket creations will be featured at the 2015 Natural Foods Expo West. 216 more words