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Presumptuous Insect

A few months ago, I was interviewed on a radio station about changing attitudes towards food and eating. After a caller commented that when he’d lived in rural… 1,138 more words


Insects and sustainability are not crap.

In my first blog, “Animal welfare in insect farms”, I discussed why insect farming is more sustainable than livestock farming. On 17th of January 2015 an article “Are those edible bugs actually sustainable?” was released on MacLean’s website. 700 more words


Have You Ever Eaten An Insect?

My previous post sparked some interesting conversation on a few Facebook groups I frequent.  So I asked them: “Have you ever eaten an insect?”  Considering most of these people are westerners, the answers may surprise you. 439 more words


Brief History of Entomophagy

A recent YouTube video about seemingly arbitrary things mentioned how, though we here in the West consider the voluntary consumption of insects to be bizarre and taboo, we are in fact the minority.  813 more words


Animal Welfare in Insect Farming

Large-scale industrial insect farming is a relatively new industry and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. There are a few industrial size insect farms starting around the world that are rearing insects, mainly for fish feed, but some products are also popping up little by little for human consumption as well. 1,073 more words


Why edible insects should be part of your diet in the year 2015,

    The world’s population is on the rise, with future prospects indicating that the global population would hit 9 billion people by the year 2050 while that of Africa is set to hit 1 billion people by 2025. 440 more words

Food Science

World Food Day draws attention to the globe's truly hungry

By Casey Taylor

People gathered in many countries around the world Thursday to draw attention to the growing global food crisis.

World Food Day is designed to get people to give real thought to global hunger and consider meaningful ways in which they can help. 706 more words