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Restaurant/Retailer Redo: IKEA Swedish Meatballs

My mother-in-law’s family hails from Sweden. My husband talks often of her Swedish meatballs and I can attest that they are delish! The only other time I’ve had Swedish meatballs is at IKEA. 744 more words

Boeuf Bourguignon: A Fancy French Beef Stew

Here in the Northeast we are in a deep freeze and waiting on another snow storm, so what can I make that is hearty and warming? 368 more words


The best steak and Guinness pie, ever!

In nearly every restaurant kitchen that has been touched by The Big Dream Factory, you would have found a steak and Guinness pie. This is arguably one of the most famous meat pies that you will find on the menu in Britain. 448 more words


Chilean Sea Bass with Pecan-Bacon Crust

When I saw this beautiful fresh piece of Chilean Sea Bass at the store, I knew it will result a wonderful dish. This fish has such a rich sweet flavor, and a silky yet firm texture, that can be best described as “buttery”. 472 more words


Shrimp and Portobello Mushroom Etouffee

I was introduced to Etoufee for the first time when I visited New Orleans in 2010. I fell in love with southern food. While Etoufee is typically served with shellfish, I added portobello mushrooms and vegan chicken strips to cater to a fussy eater who doesn’t eat seafood. 286 more words


Winter Wonton Drama

It’s my 10th winter, and I gotta say, my Asian physique hasn’t adapted to these freezing weather conditions yet. My body is begging me to go back to my bed, slide under the covers and hibernate. 604 more words

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Les 10 trouvailles de la semaine #1

Vous vous doutez bien que je suis une quantité phénoménale de blogs culinaires au quotidien (exactement 221 sur bloglovin’). Par conséquent, j’ai environ 37 nouveaux liens d’articles enregistrés articles par semaine, voire par jour… Comme en ce moment je n’ai pas de four, et des moyens de production limités (pas de micro-ondes non plus, les amis, ce qui exclut même les mut cakes…), je compte toujours vous inonder de recettes, mais malheureusement, pour cet article, ce ne sera pas les miennes ! 1,216 more words