Who is to blame? You or your customers? 5 awkward situations with your customers you can avoid

As a freelancer or small business owner, you’ve probably worked with many customers along the way, you faced a bunch of awkward situations that’s left you wondering what went wrong and who’s to blame yourself or your customer. 481 more words

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7 common mistakes new freelancers are making

Starting your freelancing career can be challenging and filled with mistakes that may lead to lose clients, waste time and affect your income.

Every freelance could face problems and make mistakes, even the pros, you can’t prevent yourself from making mistakes and in some cases you need to learn the lesson by yourself. 420 more words

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Customer Service is for Nitwits.

What’s great about customer service? Anyone can do it. I asked the concierge at the Hyatt for a USB charger for my cellphone and he asked me to go down and use the charging station instead of sending it to my room. 147 more words


Pivot, marketing and near misses (post2)

So, the original target market I had been hoping to approach just wasn’t going to be a viable source of revenue for our agency. At the same time this penny dropped, I also realised that starting a business with partners that had priorities which were in competition with the needs of the business wouldn’t work either. 653 more words


Student Startup Wins Funding in Chicago College Startup Competition

Share Transport, a company founded by two Northwestern students, was named one of the winners of the first ever Chicago College Startup Competition (CCSC).  Patricio Azcunaga, a recent MEM graduate, and Zahid Panjwani, a graduate of the industrial engineering program,  co-founded the company as a project for an entrepreneurship course they had been enrolled in together last year. 117 more words

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Dealing with overdue invoices: tips to avoid ending up with overdue invoices (PART 1)

The shock you may get after completing your project and send out the invoice to your client is your invoice doesn’t get paid, a week or two passed and you never heard from your client. 307 more words

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The Radios of Today - Podcasts

Continued Education Through Audio

Recently I got hooked on listening to podcasts. The last time I listened to one, the quality and selection were very poor, only techies could produce them, and it simply wasn’t that interesting. 375 more words