Just Start: Tomorrow Is Always More Difficult Than Today

Let me tell you a true story. In June of 2012 I officially quit my practice as a lawyer to go full time as an entrepreneur. 465 more words


What Makes A Venture Worth Pursuing? Pretend You're Van Vogh

Ok – you’re an entrepreneur, writer, musician, innovator, or creator of some sort (or at least you have aspirations of becoming one), and you’re evaluating a potential venture: a new business, a new book idea, you get my point. 1,155 more words



As if #beyourownboss, #workfromhome, #ownyourtime and #financialfreedom weren’t enough!! Mark Pentecost just announced from Green Carpet Experience for It Works Global that anyone (current or new) distributors that enroll 1 distributor and 1 loyal customer on their team before August 31st will be entered into the drawing to get $20,000 of their credit card debt paid for by It Works. 100 more words


Best of Technology Expresso - Entrepreneur Showcase

The Top 5 Technology Expresso Radio Episodes Featuring Entrepreneurs.  Hear there stories and be inspired.  Listen. Learn. Leverage. Launch.

1. Shark Tank Contest and App Creator, Bruno Francois… 93 more words


"All Success Begin With Definiteness of Purpose".

I recently attended an action group meet up here in Miami where I met a couple of fellow young entrepreneurs going through some of the same growing pains as me. 282 more words


The Most Rewarding Thing (For Me) As An Entrepreneur

Freedom?  Nope.

It’s awesome, but as every entrepreneur knows, before you can really experience life freedom you often have to put in a significant amount of time – usually much more time than you would have otherwise invested if you were just an employee of your business. 531 more words