Advice To Entrepreneurs: Stay In The Box For A Little While

Get outside the box!

Think outside the box!

How many times have you heard this?  I’ve heard it so often that I’m not even entirely sure what it means anymore. 471 more words


The Rise of Millennial Entrepreneurs

Congratulations! You made it through three to four years of grueling lectures, all-nighters, a caffeine addiction and your thesis! You’re bright eyed, filled with ideas and a drive to work tirelessly to implement your original and ground-breaking ideas. 330 more words


Use this Kindergarten lesson to score an interview

I just took an ad out and spent a tidy sum to recruit a new team member. I added two simple instructions and even went so far as to say to be considered you must follow the instructions. 272 more words



Luck. It is important. We all know it.  What is luck? It is a factor that is given to everybody in random amounts and is considered to decide your faith. 337 more words


Where have all the humans gone?

I called Cox this past week to get some help with my internet connection. Normally I don’t mind the RoboReceptionist re-sending signals to my modem but this time I really needed a human. 120 more words



Perspective. An important part of life. So, what is perspective? It is an angle of view that one has on a situation. Perspective is also a synonym for opinion. 347 more words