"All Success Begin With Definiteness of Purpose".

I recently attended an action group meet up here in Miami where I met a couple of fellow young entrepreneurs going through some of the same growing pains as me. 282 more words


The Most Rewarding Thing (For Me) As An Entrepreneur

Freedom?  Nope.

It’s awesome, but as every entrepreneur knows, before you can really experience life freedom you often have to put in a significant amount of time – usually much more time than you would have otherwise invested if you were just an employee of your business. 531 more words


Tending the Sheep

The Old Testament of the Bible tells a story about a young guy named David. You may have heard about him. David is the most famous king in the history of the nation of Israel. 188 more words


In the name of Beauty..

There are thousands of ways people try to feel better about themselves everyday. Many of those ways aren’t healthy for their mind and body. We get ideas from magazines and wanting to look like the celebrities. 642 more words


Let's talk FDA "approval"..

We have all seen the commercials about prescription drugs intended to help with some health concern only to hear what seems like a never ending list of harmful side effects. 963 more words


Throwing In the Towel and Picking it Back Up again

Today I came the closest I have ever been to giving up. I had finally reached the end of my tether, I had tried everything I knew to do, and nothing was paying dividend. 457 more words