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” The Person who doesn’t read is just as good as the person who cant read. “

5 Ways to Succeed in Any Economy - Don't give up and keep going

The more difficult the economy, the greater the opportunities — but only for those who are strong, well-prepared and persistent. Many people are fixated by national or even global  1,055 more words


” Most People are a Slave to their own mind “

” Before you can do something you must first be Something “



When Something Goes Wrong, Focus On What YOU Could Have Done Differently

A note from our Executive Director:

A few years ago, at a management training conference, one of my mentors shared the following simple idea:

“When something goes wrong, focus on what you could have done differently.” 161 more words


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Getting antsy for app #2 to submit... patience, grasshopper

Got another build of app #2 last night from the developer. He said he’s ready to implement the last two sections, so needs me to setup a few things on my end, which I did and sent back to him yesterday. 69 more words