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(Q1) An Essential Lesson on Having a Satisfying Career

I recently read Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide you’ll Ever Need by Daniel H. Pink, and I have to to admit, I was sceptical. 651 more words


Easel To Shut Down Nine Months After Being Acquired By GitHub

Back when GitHub acquired Easel, a collaborative, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get HTML web design tool, Easel’s blog post on the matter implied that it would be sticking around. “Easel continues to run as it has,” it read. 27 more words

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500 Startups Launches Its First Two 500 Women Syndicate Companies

500 Startups has launched both Famebit and Wanderable, the first two companies out of its female founders 500 Women Syndicate. 500 Startups created the program earlier this year to support more women founders and encourage angel investors to invest in women-led companies. 37 more words

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The biggest trigger for starting your own company is feeling stuck in your job

Despite the romanticized image of billion-dollar paydays for founders of tech firms, taking the leap into entrepreneurship is fraught with risk. So then why do so many workers give up the security of a steady paycheck and strike out on their own? 665 more words

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My Entrepreneurial Opinion

I definitely agree with most of this article, but I must say... purely— some people are just born to create. Rather if they are a top performer or just your average Joe when introducing occupational compatibility. For myself personally, I have always been a creator. Not necessarily feeling that I need to be the boss, but I do need to have my hand in critical decision-making and the creation of a particular product. In other words, I have a strong desire to lead— not for myself, but for those who have yet to find their passion in life. My thought process is to provide an environment of ownership and pride. This is the first step, I believe, into helping others realize their own dreams and motivational factors. By utilizing this servant leadership strategy, I have always seemed to create strong bonds with individuals, regardless of the task at hand or an employees/co-workers own ambitions. People, this is how you retain talent. By allowing the leadership or management to create an environment of ownership for it's workers or employees. You may not even have a the highest retention rate, but those key individuals will never leave your side. From an entrepreneurial perspective, if individuals do decide to start their own ventures, you will always have that relationship or bond with that individual— as long as you keep the door open. On both a personal and professional level.
Quartz excerpt: Sørensen says individuals who want to innovate don’t have to do it on their own. Ideas that create value often develop within firms, a process sometimes called “intrapreneurship.” He adds that most of the people who become entrepreneurs don’t create very innovative companies—and they don’t necessarily intend to. “When they start their corner convenience store, they aren’t dreaming of creating the next Walmart or 7-11,” says Sørensen... Read More
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_YL3KuOcF0 “Everyone Wants To Be An Entrepreneur. Why You Will Never Become One.” “The Uncertainty (and oxymoron) of Entrepreneurship”  

5 Steps to Reaching Your Business' Income Goals

So, you have a great business idea, you’re very passionate about what you do, and you’re working your tail off to make this dream of being a successful entrepreneur a reality.   585 more words

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Entrepreneurial Opportunity for Students - the Sports Innovation Challenge

A unique way for entrepreneurial students to make their mark on the world of sport.

The Sports Innovation Challenge
are looking for entrepreneurial students and recent* graduates to join them in Scotland’s newest sports business competition. 219 more words