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Entropy of a once active blog

Entropy (noun): The degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity. A process of degradation or running down or a trend of disorder. 189 more words


The Peace Generation....the time Celia had a day off

In Semitic languages such as Hebrew or Arabic, the word peace is commonly used as a greeting due to certain “theories” of how Adam (apparently the first full fledged humanoid) interacted with the overseeing spiritual deity on the last day of creation.

Engage Me (2014)

Harlem Valley Hospital — Wingdale, New York

A portion of the steam plant monitoring system – beside the water-filled pits from yesterday’s post.

Nikon D80… 7 more words


Entropy levels at Art of Living Ashram

A Friend of mine forwarded this about the entropy levels at the Art of Living ashram or any spiritual place in general. I have heard of entropy only in thermodynamics. 522 more words

Sri Sri

entropic marriage

Sometimes relationships fall apart. Sometimes they do so in a spectacular supernova; complete, blinding destruction. And other times they crumble piece by piece, slowly, unnoticed,  a mountain wearing itself into rubble. 254 more words

Creative Writing

Power Pit (2014)

Harlem Valley Hospital Steam Plant — Wingdale, New York

Some windows had been boarded up and others covered with Plexiglass, so I went from areas of complete darkness to spots with quite a bit of light. 37 more words


Inside Power (2014)

Harlem Valley Psychiatric — Wingdale, New York

A workroom inside the massive steam generating plant.

Nikon D80 with three frame HDR

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