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Hosp Only (2014)

Monsour Medical — Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Nothing says quality medical care like a sign painted in freehand on a exterior wall beside the emergency room entrance with the word “hospital” abbreviated. 40 more words


Welcoming You Around Back (2014)

Monsour Medical — Jeannette, Pennsylvania

As most of you know, I never attempt entry using a frontal assault.  At the rear of the medical center, behind the guard shack, was what looked to be a promising entry point. 44 more words


Monsour Medical (2014)

 Monsour Medical — Jeannette, Pennsylvania

From its beginnings as a family medical practice in a stone house along Route 30 to a multi-doctor medical complex; the Monsour Medical Associates have seen multiple bankruptcies, State and Federal license revocations, suspicious deaths and the CEO attacking a vendor with a sledge hammer – so it is no wonder why this facility is boarded up and awaiting the wrecker. 8 more words


The Law of Entropy

Teams that have rest built into their everyday systems are teams that are built to last. Maintenance is something every team must reckon with. Equipment wears down. 30 more words



If you know me – and you probably don’t – you also know that I like arguing extreme technicalities. It’s one of the reason I like the English language so much, and why most of the teachers I’ve studied under over my entire schooling career have told me that I should become a lawyer. 601 more words


Spirit of the Pink Room (2014)

Seaside Asylum — Waterford, Connecticut

Dear God in heaven…don’t leave me in here…

Nikon D80 with a lot of post-processing effect (it was very dark in here with the exception of the small spot of light hitting the wall). 38 more words


A New Life (2014)

Glenwood Power Station — Yonkers, New York

The Glenwood revitalization project is underway and expects to turn the crumbling power station into a hotel and a convention center, with a capacity of 1600 and 3500 people, respectively. 33 more words