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Coffeehouse Thoughts #12

This line of thought started while home at the Villa Zee Zaw Sunday with my dainty Wedgwood cup filled numerous times with my experimental toaster-oven “re-roasted” Japanese light Arabica blend through Cafe Moto on Monday with FTO – Nicaraguan Flur de Jinotega in my robust travel mug (Their lighter roasts on drip were Sumatra Ketiara {medium} and FT Organic Peru {light}) into this morning at Influx, Golden Hill and sipping at their Hammerhead “House” roast. 426 more words

Laundry Light (2014)

Harlem Valley Psychiatric — Wingdale, New York

Inside the laundry, despite the windows being boarded up, I had plenty of natural light coming in through the skylights which illuminated quite a bit of the interior including the wonderful tile work on the walls. 9 more words


Dimension, Entropy and Board Games: Checkers

Most board games are entertaining for a while, but can become mundane if played too much–unless, of course, you are playing on the meta-level. Beating the game is far better than beating an opponent.  478 more words



The hungry  waves,

the ripping wind,

the cut of cold

upon a stormy seaboard.

It is the way of things

to be made in chaos… 68 more words

Dark Places

All Bottled Up (2014)

Harlem Valley Hospital — Wingdale, New York

Aside from the warning signs posted every 10′ or so, the building was sealed up pretty tight – indicating that they were serious about keeping visitors out of the building…sort of. 13 more words


A Celebration of Entropic Tendencies

“Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.”


One of the friends I’ve made during this whole Korea business had a birthday the other day. 856 more words

The Day To Day Adventure