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The Ghosts are Watching and Waiting (2015)

Stewart Hall, Letchworth Village — Thiells, New York

The first superintendent of Letchworth Village, Charles S. Little, envisioned an institution in which the “feeble-minded” were strictly segregated from the rest of society and from each other in order to prevent commingling and propagation of “undesirables”. 34 more words


On Writing and Love | Entropy Magazine, 2015

I remember a couple of trips I made from Grand Central to New Rochelle; it felt like nothing could go wrong in my life. It felt like I really had it all—a great job, health, and the love of my life. 51 more words


The remodel begins (cue "Jaws" music).

Against all of the sage advice of my brother and sister-in-law, we are undertaking a remodel of our house.  We’ll get a new kitchen, I’ll get a new bathroom, the entire house will get new paint, and we may avoid dying a gory death at the hands of our basement. 274 more words

My Life

Welcome to Letchworth Village (2015)

Stewart Hall, Letchworth Village — Thiells,  New York

In 1907, New York State officials cited the need for the establishment of a facility to care for the “feeble minded and epileptic.” The State purchased 2,000 acres of rolling farm country in Thiells, a Rockland County hamlet, to build the facility. 79 more words


The Eternal Battle Against Entropy, and My $60 Pillow

For most of my adult life, I lived in very expensive cities on about $30k, which means that I lived in small spaces with several other people, and my furniture was generally of the found or scrounged variety. 1,180 more words


Winter Sky (2014)

Hotchkiss Brothers Company — Torrington, Connecticut

Under an overcast sky on Christmas Day is another building suffering from the same effects of time and neglect as the old mill building on its wooden skeleton . 35 more words


New and Notable

The following research papers were rated very highly during the review process. We hope you also find them interesting. 885 more words