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The concert was nearly sold out. It was quite a show! Up front, the stage was decorated with a mix of art and technology. Many lights were moving about, further stimulating an already excited audience. 687 more words


Inside the Brill Bus (2014)

Trolley Terminus — Eastern, U.S.A.

Looking down at the rows of seats in this Calgary Transit trolley bus.

Nikon D80

In a Different Light book



The Entropic Definition of Sentient Life

Scientists and philosophers alike have long pondered life. What exactly is life? How can we define what sentient life is and what makes it unique? There are many ideas floating around about these questions. 1,371 more words


CCF Brill Bus (2014)

Brill Trolley Bus — Eastern U.S.A.

The J.G. Brill Company was founded in 1869 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as J.G. Brill & Company. When trolley production declined, manufacture of buses and trolley buses continued. 55 more words


Astrology August 19, 2014: Moon in Gemini, Sun Aligns With Pluto

“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.” Bertrand Russell


With the Moon remaining in inquisitive Gemini all day, cozying up to our curious side opens the door to new discoveries. 286 more words

Moon In Gemini

How to bring more focus and joy in life

I read an interesting note from Edward Hallowell in the August 2014 issue of HBR titled, “Will Focus Make You Happier?”. Edward is a psychiatrist and Director of the Hallowell centres at New York city. 287 more words


Reaching Out (2014)

Trolley Car Barn — Eastern, U.S.A.

Inside a storage shed for abandoned trolleys – the glow from above are skylights (not electric lights) – glowing from a very long exposure in this dark space. 12 more words